Azimut 103SL Light
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Azimut 103SL Light

Stefano Rigini's master stroke

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That on weekdays, especially on weekends, there will be a crowd here, as if half of Italia had moved in with her screaming children, dogs barking from under women's mice and men bawling: Basta!

Any Azimut is like someone with a smile whispering quietly in his ear: prego. 103SL is the flagship of this style (we know here that there «are azimut» and more, 103 «style» flagman - ed). When all is enough (including space on board), everything is available - always prego.

This boat is a combination of all the best of open and flybridge classrooms. She is aggressive as a sports boat and comfortable as a leisure boat. The design of the salon with a huge volume is the result of long marketing searches and successful finds of designers Stefano Rigini and Carlo Galeazzi, bosses and gods of all that we all love in the «azimuths» of recent years. The six square windows on the lower deck and the shark window on the top are like the signature signature of Rigini's pen, his personal signature on all the boats of the flybridge series.

There are not only sun loungers on the bow, but also a sofa with a table - absolutely secluded part of the boat somewhere in a noisy marina. But the main thing here - these 20 meters of single space, not constrained by the circumstances of the furniture, flooded with light! Not only does Azimut itself have no such thing in its entire history, but it is unlikely to be found with anyone at all. The transparent roof glazing opens up and the fresh spirit accompanies the palate during lunch. Not only the hatch closes, but also the cockpit door, leaving the owner in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Wood, steel inlays, glass washbasins, lamps of the House of Armani - the highest level of Italian taste, the Italian style of life, familiar to each of us and do not need the translation of dolce vita. That's why you're probably wearing a snow-white Barba or Lorenzini shirt in Italy. Few naval architects have coped with the technology of water cannons, but the shipyard did not invite Angelo Arnaboldi, the main man on the Apennines by water cannons. The result was 34 knots and an ocean of pleasure while throwing from one marina to another. Given the low rainfall, the boat is interesting not only in the sunny Bahamas or the waters of the Persian Gulf, but is also quite applicable in the inland waters of our troubled homeland. A pair of MTU V16 2000 M93 2434 hp engines, combined with Rolls Royce KaMeWa water jets, all with minimal vibration.

The master suite is the entire central part of the lower deck. The 12 double side windows provide not only claustrophobic, not only beautiful sea views, but also the same abundant natural light to the owner's residence. As a last resort, you can turn on a huge «plasma» and immerse yourself in the world of cinema. No «basement» allusions, quite common on many other boats and probably familiar to all firsthand. The VIP stateroom on the bow provides a heavenly environment for its inhabitants, mainly due to the diagonal arrangement of the bed and the sun is also enough here. And finally, the galley - kok will be happy. Because this kitchen is designed by the Italian company Boffi and equipped with the perfect Miele equipment. A sports boat, with a flybridge, with an opening hardtop, able to walk in shallow water, full of light and heat, that's what the Azimut 103SL is.

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