l'Hydroptère.ch will be around the world in 40 days!

l'Hydroptère.ch will be around the world in 40 days!

The mania of multihulls and records has engulfed the planet. Speed enthusiast Alan Tebalt, the visionary leader and skipper of the l'Hydroptère catamaran who has already set two speed records, has decided to push the boundaries of his Gdirofoil Beast.

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It's no longer interesting for the Frenchman to race a mile. Alan has swung to the world, which his brainchild will pass in 40 days!

A maxi catamaran will be built for this, but so far, to check all the parameters, Tebalt Syndicate is building a trial model - a 35-foot l'Hydroptère.ch. This model will test all the engineering solutions that in the future will allow to build a real boat that can float over water even in low winds. The test l'Hydroptère.ch is a Swiss-French project. Alan plans to launch it by the summer of 2010.

It's not yet known how long the future Maxi Hydroptère will be. Taking into account all the successes of Tebalt, we can assume that the emergence of such a "beast" will revolutionize speed in offshore racing. That is, it may be that Frank Camme will not have to enjoy the Jules Verne Cup for long if he gets it, of course.

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