Louis Vuitton Trophy: Synergy loses the first match

Louis Vuitton Trophy: Synergy loses the first match

The wind was not on the organizers' side on the first day of the second stage of LVT in Auckland.

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Due to the low wind the race was not started until 14:45 when All4One and Mascalzone Latino Audi Sailing Team came on the water. The Franco-German team went in from the right side and held their position until the start. Johan Schumann gave the initiative to the Italians at the beginning of the manoeuvre and went to the right side of the lei line, where their mast noticed an increase in wind. This move was successful and All4One kept the lead until the finish, where they were 44 seconds ahead of the Italians.

The second race was probably the most interesting in a day. Two favorites of the stage came on the water: the winners of Nice Azzurra and the vice-winner of Omega Match Race Ben Ansley. A tough fight started long before the start, when the teams went far beyond the starting line. Closer to the signal, the boats returned to the box and seemed to be going out together with the right tack. Due to the variable wind the distance was heavily skewed, giving a visible advantage to the right side. Wishing to take advantage of this, Ben Ansley changes tack just seconds before the start and comes out on the right side of the course. The boats are separated by different tackles, replacing each other as leaders. Speed was no more than 9-10 knots.

Shortly before the first round, Ansley changed tack to the right and went to get closer to the Italians, hoping to make them move further away from the sign. He repeated this attempt twice and, as a result, it was internal and leeward on the roundabout. Taking advantage of this, the British team began to displace the Italians, preventing them from making the round of the sign. In this duel, the boats went far enough away from the sign. And only Anslie thought that he had achieved what he wanted, Azzurra put a spinnaker and blocked the wind of Team Origin. This resulted in the British having to change tack and being very late with the spinnaker set. The Italians intercepted the initiative, but they didn't win completely until after the second round.

ETNZ and Artemis met in the third match. The start of the race was also given after a long wait for the wind. The light breeze reappeared in the afternoon and changed direction from north-east to south. The Race Committee once again changed the position of the signs. Dean Barker, who started with the left tack, managed to win back the handicap created by the Swedish team at the beginning of the race. ETNZ started with a single body advantage. Artemis imposed a fight on the home team, but Davis was better at anticipating the wind. The Swedes were far behind before the first round and lost 55 seconds to the sign! Then Paul Cayard and Hutchinson were able to reduce the lag to 12 seconds, but with the wind getting weaker they couldn't resist the New Zealanders adequately.

The meeting between Synergy and the losers of Nice - ALEPH started already at sunset: the start was at 19:10 local time. It is worth saying at once that the race was not given to the Russian team somehow. Jablonski controlled Bertrand Passe on the right during the pre-start procedure, but the French managed to skip at the most decisive moment and win the start. On the first round, Synergy lost no more than two corpses and even began to catch up with the opponent when the French were hesitant to install a spinnaker. On the second round the Russians again made a mistake late falling, and then lost the spinnaker. The French won with a comfortable advantage of 3 minutes and 26 seconds!

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