AUDI MedCup: two months before the start of the new season

AUDI MedCup: two months before the start of the new season

Teams are finalizing the preparation of mats and staff for the start of the new season. The company that organizes the competition - World Sailing Management - conducted a short review of the existing situation of the participants of the series.

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Despite the need to change the boat design due to the new class rules, the only new boat in the fleet this season will be Team ORIGIN. As we wrote earlier, the newest TR52 was designed by Juan K and is now being completed at Salthouse Boats in Auckland. The management of the team plans to deliver the newcomer directly to the venue of the first stage in Cascais. By the way, Britain will present this season TP52 as much as three teams: Team Origin, Weapon of Choice and Cristabella.

The rest of the teams decided to upgrade their existing boats. Emirates Team New Zealand, according to the press service of the organizers, repainted their victorious boat and already had a successful test in Auckland. It's amazing when they did - the team has more than a busy schedule. Apparently, the test took place back in January.

Hutchinson's Quantum Racing, in addition to the necessary design changes, have also redesigned the cockpit. The updated Argentinean Matador will be available in action at the Hublot Palma Vela in April, where it will play along with Synergy, Artemis, Cristabella and Weapon of Choice.

Bribón took out two steering wheels and put up a tiller, as well as changed the gyke of the school and raised the transom. For the performance in the new season Bribón invited as the steering Spanish Gonzalo Araicho (by the way, almost the entire team will be Spanish, only tactician - British Jan Walker from Green Dragon). Bribón is one of the oldest boats in the fleet - it's the fourth season.

Cristabella got a new mast (the old one was broken at the 2009 World Cup). The team will be joined by ABN AMRO II and Telefonica Blue star navigator Simon Fisher, and the tank will be operated by Justin Slattery from Green Dragon.

The Portuguese Bigamist Pedro Mendoza is the very first team to complete a modernization of the boat. They have been training in Cascais all winter. This team was a breakthrough of the 2009 season (except ETNZ) and now the organizers of the first stage of the new season have high hopes for Bigamist.

As for the Russian teams, information about them is probably a secret for the race management, as there is not a word about Synergy or RUS7 in the press releases. According to the official websites of the teams, their boats are now in Valencia, where they are standardized according to the new class rules. There is no information about the start date of training of Russians, especially RUS7 (Synergy trains on LVT:).

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