Nobiskrug and Messerschmitt Yachts became partners

Nobiskrug and Messerschmitt Yachts became partners

Two German shipyards will build superyachts from 60 m. or more.

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Recently acquired by the Arabs (Abu Dhabi MAR), a manufacturer of large yachts. Nobiskrug announced a partnership with Messerschmitt Yachts GmbH in the construction of superyachts.

Under the terms of the exclusive agreement, Nobiskrug will henceforth be fully responsible for the design and construction of all Messerschmitt yachts over 60 metres in length.

Messerschmitt Yachts recently announced itself as a project for the MTT-Conqueror, which is available in 70 and 90 m versions. This is the first yacht of this size from this shipyard, and the look of a yacht is fully in line with the very diverse history of the brand, whose aeronautical systems have been well documented in the world history of the mid-twentieth century.

The twilight Teutonic genius has created a boat with a unique design that will look like a heavy tank in a supermarket parking lot in any marina in the world. The boat exudes both power and pressure, and its faceted, angular hull and superstructure with glazing in the style of piston fighters of the same name are not without grace and heavy grace of a good fighting machine.

Messerschmitt Yachts is confident that the partnership with Nobiskrug will ensure the highest design level of Messerschmitt yachts and the quality of materials used in their construction.

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