Synergy is changing the steering wheel.

Synergy is changing the steering wheel.

Karol Jablonski is leaving the team.

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Today it became known that at the end of the AUDI Med Cup 2010 season the Russian team Synergy changed the steering wheel for the performances in TR52 and ACC5 classes. The team broke up with Polish helmsman Karol Jablonski, with whom Synergy has played in the AUDI Med Cup since 2010 and in the Louis Vuitton Trophy since 2009.

According to available information, for the next World Championship in TR52, which will be held in Valencia from 5 to 10 October, on the wheel of RUS13 will be Evgeny Negudnikov. Evgeny has been playing in the match-racing team of Synergy for several years and since 2010 he has been defined as the helm of Synergy RC44.

In the last competition of the LVT series in November in Dubai, Francesco Bruni himself will be driving the Russian team! Francesco was a tactician at Matador during the Med Cup 2010, and at the LVT 2009/10 he was the helm of the Italian team Azzurra. This team was the winner of the first stage of the LVT a year ago in Nice. Also, Francesco is now active on the World Match Racing Tour and takes 6th place in the overall standings of the season.

It seems that despite the appointed substitutions, the issue of the steering team has not been resolved and the search for a candidate for TR52, in particular, will continue.

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