The right time for the right purchase

The right time for the right purchase

What's going on with the crisis? Is he already there or is he still here? How's the second wave? Will it cover us or will it slip through again?

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No, stop, I want to talk only about pleasant things. And again we ask ourselves the eternal question - what to do? Do you want to buy something that you've been wanting to buy for two years or do you want to wait two more years? Maybe the price of the yachts will fall down or crawl back up again?

We announce: Gentlemen, the crisis and stagnation that we have all talked so much about in the big yachting is over!!!

Let's explain right away, what is this big yachting? We invented such a tricky definition for megayachts over 50 meters in size. Sounds good, it's worth it! The skeptics and pessimists, who are in our ranks, they will immediately ask - why is it so sharp? And where is it, the second turn, or whatever it is - another blow that will kill us all and drown us? Where is he, why are we still alive? In short - why do we even think about them, about these yachts?

Gentlemen, sit back in your chair and listen to our truth! It's true, everybody has their own truth, but if there's an attitude, we read diagonally!

So, what happened, why the rush with our loud announcement of the end of the crisis? The very ones who think very gloomyly, of course, will scream: Ha, they came up with a fairy tale to make our yachts go fast! No way, not with us! We're in a trench! People, the trick is, it looks like it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work for you guys to make a decent lie!

Why? Yes, because while we have to convince somebody in something here, now grabbed everything that is good and at a price interesting! Well, well, you're right of course - it doesn't, just slowly disappears from the big yacht market somewhere.

What you could have bought was already bought by others - yachts Ecstasea (86m), Maltese Falcon (88m), Silver (73m), Boadicea (71m), Silver Zwei (73m), Utopia (72m), ONA (66m), Lady Ann Magee II (65m), Shanti (64m), Paraffin (60m), Katie Sue II (60m), Oasis (60m), Phoenix (60m), Midlandia (52m), Mariu (50m) and that's not all... Lauren L (90m) and Alysia (85m) left in July with lightning speed.

Read this list carefully - soon we will remember which yachts have not entered it, so many yachts in such a short time never in history have passed from hand to hand. The total sale of these yachts was $1.1 billion or an average of about $67 million per yacht.

Wrap a billion dolars for a part-year? It's not bad at all! At the same time, there are only two new yachts on our list, all the others are secondary sales. And there are no other two big yachts, which were sold, but we cannot talk about them.

The overall price drop was about 19% on average compared to the prices originally requested. Buyers were from the Arab countries, Russia, Europe, China and the USA.

We will talk about new yachts and what's going on at the shipyards sometime later. It should be noted only that in January contracts were concluded for the construction of two motor yachts over 100 meters in size, one of them will have a record length of 180 meters.

Of course, we are only talking about mega yachts over 50 meters long. With smaller yachts, as well as production and semi- production yachts, the situation is still at last year's level and prices are unpredictable.

Dear future Owners with a capital letter! Stop waiting! The right moment for the right purchase has come! Catch it!

About the author: Leonard Gustav, director of Peterdorff GmbH.

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