The first trimaran on solar energy
Theory and practice

The first trimaran on solar energy

Did you see that thing with the horizontal sails?

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At the Grand Pavois, which took place from 15 to 20 September in the French port of La Rochelle, the Solar Odyssey, a solar powered trimaran, was presented to the public.

Trimaran length 19 and width 10 meters is built of carbon fiber panels with honeycomb core. Since the energy supplied only by solar panels - even from the latest type of photovoltaic cells that stand instead of sails on the Solar Odyssey - can not go out much, the architects carefully thought about reducing precipitation and reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the hull. The steering systems, marshal electric motors and trimaran propellers are combined in a single torpedo-shaped module. In addition to facilitating and simplifying the entire propulsion system, this improves controllability and, again, reduces hull resistance in water.

As already mentioned, the only power source on board will be solar energy - perhaps one of the most realistic alternatives to traditional sails and internal combustion engines today. On the Solar Odyssey, the Sun's energy is converted into electricity through 110 square metres of silicon photovoltaic converters mounted on composite panels. The location of the solar cells is the result of thorough scientific research, but in general for the unsophisticated eye trimaran looks like an ordinary sailboat, where the mast broke and the sails lie down from above in the manner of an awning above a summer cafe.

The Solar Odyssey is expected to make an official attempt to cross the Atlantic. The trimaran will also attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the first... French a ship that's circled the world with zero fuel consumption of any kind.

Technical specifications of Solar Odyssey:
Total length: 18.28 m/60 ft
Width max: 9.00 m/30 ft
Water-displacement in the cargo: 5 t
Maximum speed: 18 knots
Speed for record: 8 knots
Passenger capacity: 6 persons.
Crew: 2 persons.

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