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Launched new Shipman 80 for customer from Russia

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Last week, a bottle of champagne was broken on the stem of a new sailing boat at a shipyard in Montalcon, Italy. Shipman 80designed for a Russian owner. After this mandatory ritual, the boat was launched.

In a month she will join the personal fleet of an experienced yachtsman, who already owns a 65-foot motor yacht and a 25-foot sailing yacht based in the Moscow water area. In addition, the new Shipman 80 will be the flagship of the conditional "Russian squadron" of yachts. Shipmanwhich already has over a dozen pennants.

What is the secret of such popularity of the brand among demanding Russian yacht owners? The fact is that in this size (60-80 feet), Shipman is objectively one of the proven best options on the criterion of "value for money". The hull of a carbon-epoxy sandwich has a unique strength/weight ratio. It is a real hi-tech in sails, which until recently was available only for people with an unlimited budget.

The result is that the boats can easily cross the Atlantic and take part in regattas of any level, while the comfort on board fully matches that of the most luxurious cruising yachts.

And you don't need a big crew to operate these boats at all. You can literally sail the Shipman on your own - the hydraulic winches will take care of all the sailing. Many owners do so. The services of a minimum crew "skipper + stewardess" are used to keep the boat in proper order, and they stand at the helm themselves, leaving all the pleasure of the boat.

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