Heaven in a dishwasher

Heaven in a dishwasher

A young couple is walking around the world on an 11-meter sailboat.

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The editors of itBoat have been following The World Tour blog with interest for some time now. It is led by a European couple - 28-year-old Tara, a Finnish woman who grew up in Sweden, and 37-year-old Alex, who mixed Greek and French blood. A week ago they came out of Barcelona on a 35-foot Hallberg Rassy in 1982 and are going to go around the globe on it.

Such a journey in itself, of course, is already almost common thing in our time. But Alex and Tara are different from stereotypical sea wolves - brutal, salted ascetics. They are young, sociable and sexy. For example, Tara (in the past the owner of a small fashion store in the Network), carries a bunch of fashionable rags and a dozen pairs of shoes on spike heels - guys, though ready for storms and other features of the ocean passages, are not going to deny themselves in the earthly pleasures and plan to light up in every port met.

A feature of their blog is the quality, vivid photos. This is not so common in the sailing blogosphere (for example, boring photos blurred the whole impression of the blog Jessica Watson, 16-year-old Australian daredevil, who recently circled the world). The blog also contains a lot of useful practical information on how to prepare a boat for long journeys or, for example, how to cook delicious and interesting meals on board. The guys managed to engage several serious companies to support their project, among them North Sails and Sperry Top-Sider. The sponsors did not pass up, the popularity of the blog grows day by day. Probably, because many people would like to be in the place of this couple and go with the person they love around the world.

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