Another Couach - now for Russia

Another Couach - now for Russia

The Couach shipyard has sold its second superyacht...

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French shipyard Couach has announced the contract for the construction of its superyacht 5000 Fly. The 50 meter composite yacht will be built for a Russian client. She is due for delivery in July 2012.

Couach Shipyard is better known for its cooperation with the naval authorities of many countries, for which it builds high-speed warships and patrol boats. The shipyard has decided to enter the superyacht market relatively recently.

The project called Couach 5000 Fly is the result of five years of work by the entire Couach team. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the unique design of the underwater part of the yacht she can reach speeds of up to 30 knots, but at the same time on an economical stroke of 12 knots she can cross the Atlantic with consumption less than 200 liters per hour.

This is the second sale in the 5000 Fly series in the last six months and the contract for the construction of the first boat was signed in March. The series seems to be popular with the citizens of the former USSR, as the customer of the first boat is a certain Ukrainian magnate.

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