Rum Finish

Rum Finish

The transatlantic race Route du Rhum is coming to an end.

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The transatlantic single race Route du Rhum, which started just over a week ago, is coming to an end.

Yesterday at 15:16 GMT, the Groupama 3 green trimaran with skipper Frank Camme on board crossed the finish line in Saint Lucia. Camme was thus the first skipper to finish at Route du Rhum 2010 and the winner of the Ultima class.

For those who have watched the race from the start, or even from the middle, the victory of Frank Camma was not a surprise. The skipper of Groupama 3 led almost the entire time from the start in Saint-Malo to the finish line in Guadeloupe.

Camma covered 3,539 miles in 9 days, 3 hours and 14 minutes at an average speed of 16.14 knots. During this time, he barely slept, making it no longer than 10-20 minutes in snapshots under the cockpit canopy. For the 39-year-old Frank, this is his third participation in the race, second place on the podium (in 1998 he was third), first win and first single victory. The last one was expected from Frank for a long time and evil tongues said that this skipper can not win the single race. They also mistook Groupama 3 for the most powerful sails in the fleet and the team has the biggest budget. Anyway, Kamm gets another very important victory before starting in Volvo Ocean Rac.

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