"She drowned."

"She drowned."

Unexpected yachting art

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Frazzu artist Julien Berthier created a modern art object from a yacht by sawing off the front of a 21-foot sailboat and sealing off what was left. The resulting art object aroused admiration in the art community and a convulsive stuttering in his water colleagues.

The artist called his brainchild Love Love and described it as "a permanent, mobile image of a ship in distress, transformed into a functional and safe means of relaxation". What can I say - the artist managed to break the templates of the yachting brotherhood very well.

In terms of functionality, the witty invention is also in order - as far as you can demand functionality from the art object. Love Love is a quite independent submarine, capable of confidently traveling considerable distances. For example, its creator, it is quietly transported across the Channel, while he politely rejected hundreds of offers of assistance.

The boat (semi-boat? ) is powered by a small boat engine, because the mast in this configuration is more suitable for balance than sails.

Russia, however, does not lag behind in terms of marvellous watercrafts and navigation art - back in 2007 we had a painted submarine in the Moscow River, which was very loudly speaking on behalf of the international art community. Its author is the famous Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev, who painted the operating submarine of the Northern Sea Fleet in 1997.

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