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CMN 60m Slipstream

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The mechanical structures of Normandie (CMN, Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie) have been launching ships for decades. The history of the company began with Felix Amio, born in 1894 in Cherbourg. In his early youth he was interested in aeronautics and already at the age of twenty he designed planes. However, the post-war situation forced Amio to switch to shipbuilding. This was in 1945, and already on June 23, 1948 the first ship built by CMN was launched - the Annie trawler.

The golden age of CMN falls in the sixties and seventies of the XX century, when the company produced eight to ten anti-submarine defense ships annually, which is up to 40% of world production. The shipbuilding crisis of 1987 did not spare CMN either, but at the cost of tough transformations the company managed to preserve its core. The huge experience in the field of military shipbuilding did not go to waste when CMN changed its course and decided to apply its skills to the citizens. In 2000 the yacht division was created and this opened a new chapter in CMN's history: Bermie (49 metres) was launched in 2001 and Heloval (43 metres) in 2002. In 2003, a sloop was launched. Attimo (32 meters) and a catamaran in epoxy carbon fiber Lady Barbaretta (32 meters).

Following the launch of a 58-metre motor yacht in February 2007. Netanya 8.CMN, a member of the Abu Dhabi Mar group in 2009, has launched a new series of motor yachts. CMN Line 60. Two boats in this series are Slipstream and Cloud 9. have recently been launched. The concept of the new yachts was created in collaboration with Andrew Vinch, author of such titled yachts as Al Mirquab (Peter Schiffbau 133m) and Xanadu (Benetti 60m). Slipstream and Benetti 60m. Cloud 9 - It's a natural evolution. Netanya 8. Their body is extended to 60 m thanks to a fixed bathing platform. The technical deck is placed under the cabins of passengers and crew. It contains provisions and spare parts, a workshop and a corridor leading to the engine room and crew quarters.

A thorough inspection of the engine room proves that the quality of engineering work at the French shipyard is superior to any praise. Everything here has been carefully cleaned up and comfortably furnished. The level of equipment is at least as good as on yachts from prestigious German or Dutch shipyards. The garage is quite spacious, but two tenders of 22 feet each occupy almost the entire central part of the yacht, covered with wood. Other technical areas include the control system, washing machine and diving equipment. Two jet skis are located on the main deck, on the bow.

Slipstream is primarily designed for charter flights, so there are plenty of places to relax, unwind and eat. According to the designer's experience, the most frequently visited place on a yacht is a sundeck. On Slipsteam its area is about 150 m2 and it is somewhat more comfortable than on similar boats. A stretch awning protects the area that unites the bar, kitchen and dining room. Transparent partitions shield it from the wind. The impressive size of the Jacuzzi is also completely surrounded by transparent panels. The crew uses a separate staircase just behind the bar. There is also a transfer window connected to the main kitchen.

The lower deck is built to the original plan. The wheelhouse is adjacent to the crew quarters. Andrew Winch has added a VIP cabin opposite the captain's cabin to his four guest cabins. She may not be too large, but this is offset by a separate viewing balcony with a transparent fence.

Directly from the central stairway area connecting the three decks, passengers can access a small gymnasium with two hanging bunks to accommodate accompanying personnel if required. The aft third of the lower deck is dedicated to the dining area surrounded by a glass partition. The transparent openings can be opened and closed depending on the weather. The main salon turns into a cinema hall at the touch of a button on the remote control. The starboard sofa is retracted and the 2.5-metre screen unfolds in its place. And the HD projector descends from the ceiling. In each of the cabins of the yacht passengers can enjoy more than three hundred movies, a wide range of music recordings, the ability to connect an iPod and satellite communications.

The decorative motifs that define the style of the main salon are inspired by the primitive art of Indian and Australian tribes. A striking example is the three totems in the hall, the work of Canadian artist Stanley Clifford Hunt. And the huge painting above the dining table for 12 people was created by Australian aborigines.

The master suite is an extension of the main deck. At the entrance there is a work place, two separate bathrooms, two dressing rooms and the main thing is a superstructured observation deck. From here you can admire beautiful sea views through a semicircular panoramic window.

The interior has been designed by Baudet (France) and List (Austria) and the level of craftsmanship is immediately visible on the woven leather bulkheads and round hanging panels on the ceiling. Opposite the bed is a built-in LCD TV, its screen is hidden behind the picture, which is automatically shifted. Of the two bathrooms, there is a spacious lady's room. It has a bathtub and shower. And the door can be opened by pressing a button on the remote.

The shipyard did not stingy on the ship's technical equipment. At the disposal of each passenger is a laptop with Wi-Fi access. The yacht is equipped with almost silent centralized climate control system NR Koeling. Four Quantum Zero Speed stabilizers provide balance in the yacht's berth and sailing area. Slipstream was designed to reach a maximum speed of 15 knots, but during the tests she managed to do 2 knots more, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone. The shipyard has a range of 5,000 miles at 12 knots.

Andrew Vinch's collaboration with CMN, Baudet, List and the client has not gone unnoticed. In 2009 Slipstream received two awards from the International Superyacht Society: "Best Motor Yacht in the 40 to 65 M Category" and "Best Interior in all Categories" (sailing and motor yachts over 24 meters). There is no doubt that Slipstream will be one of the leaders of this season's charters.

Published in YACHTS magazine #33.

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