Battle coloring

Battle coloring

Deck painting by Esthec

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At a design symposium held as part of the latest Fort Lauderdale yacht show, the company's designers were as follows Esthec impressed the general public and professionals with a very bold approach to design... ...of the yacht deck. The choice of "canvas" for the arts is easily explained - Esthec produces the same synthetic material for covering the decks, which is available in different colours. The combination of different colours gives designers the freedom that the company offers.

The exhibition offered three different decks, although the total number of possible options of course depends solely on the imagination of the artists. Today, superyacht design is a conservative industry, but the company hopes to achieve a breakthrough in this direction within the next few years.

The idea is great in our opinion, but the editorial staff here would like to point out that the field for activities of this size, as in photographs, on superyachts is quite rare. What we see in the photos is rather a huge escort ship for megayachts, a floating hangar for water toys and helicopters, so the market here seems quite limited. But overall the idea is good.

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