He's a bach, yaka caca namalevan!

He's a bach, yaka caca namalevan!

Frauscher boat and blue art

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The young (very young) French entrepreneur and designer John Dodelande recently impressed the beautiful public with a unique and unparalleled project - a limited series of yachts called RAL.

There will be 5 boats in the series in total. Now we have the second one made by a young master in collaboration with sculptor Xavier Veilhan and the beautiful Austrian shipyard Frauscher. Frauscher provided the boat and Mr Veilhan made a bow sculpture for it in the form of a shark. And Dodelande painted it in a fun blue color. All of it. And the hull, and the cockpit, and even the propeller column. To the last centimeter.

The color and became a unique artistic trump card "monochrome sea sculpture", which, according to the proud author, "combines art and technical power. As to technical power - this product really does not take. Frauscher boats became legendary long ago and, frankly speaking, not thanks to doubtful colour schemes.

The unique celestial colour of the product is said to have been made for an art collector from Ibiza. The "Message" concept, according to the author, is a blue boat sneaking in between the blue sky and the blue sea of Ibiza.

Reasonably refraining from amateur speculation about the possible artistic value of the object in question, let us note the following. Blue color - of course, it can not be bad in the art environment, but the editorial staff had the complete impression that this motorboat "Kazanka-5" was poured blue paint for fences. So much so, that the salon was covered with paint.

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