Atlantic Conquest

Atlantic Conquest

Russians - in ARC-2010 prizes

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Tonight the winners of the jubilee transatlantic race ARC 2010 were determined.

Racing Division:
1st place Berenice Maxi Yacht (Swan 80), Italian crew. Winner in the overall standings: 14 days, 1 hour and 17 minutes.
2nd place Venomous (Farr 60), English crew.
3rd place maxi yacht Steinlager, Russian crew. Skipper Sergey Borodinov.

Cruise Division:
1st place Bamboochip (Shipman 80), USA
2nd place Polina Star 2 (Contest 62), Russia, Moscow reg. PIROGOVO Yacht Club
- Finish of the next Sotto Vento (Oyster 655) is expected tonight (100 miles to finish)

Steinlager skipper Sergey Borodinov (Moscow): "For me this is the sixth crossing of the Atlantic and probably the most difficult. We expected to pass the route in 12 days, in the end we got 16. We got the weather that no one expected - a headwind and long stiffs. We had enough fresh water reserves, but the foodstuffs ran out yesterday afternoon, so the last day was spent on dry soldering. I would like to thank the members of the Russian crew: Vladimir Khristenko, Maxim Zadubrovsky, Stanislav Gradov, Mikhail Belyakov, Ruslan Rajapov, Vladislav Gezzuns and Vladimir Mikhailov for excellent teamwork and congratulate them all on the first transatlantic and third place in the racing division! I hope we will cross other oceans together again".

Indeed, the ARC anniversary race will be remembered by its participants with the most difficult weather. Heavy storms in the North Atlantic passed south of the usual trajectory and thus did not allow the Passats to form, so instead of racing on comfortable courses the fleet had to go against the wind under the stacks or drifting in the calm zones.

We congratulate the Russian crews on the second and third places. Both yachts have worthily represented our country in this international race. Yacht Steinlager: Sergey Borodinov (member of PIRogovo Yacht Club), Vladimir Khristenko, Maxim Zadubrovsky Stanislav Gradov, Mikhail Belyakov, Ruslan Rajapov, Vladislav Gedzuns, Vladimir Mikhailov.

PolinaStar 2: - Alexander Ezhkov (skipper), Leonid Makaron, Igor Ivashintsov, Sergey Maslov, Vitaly Kusakov. All members of PIRogovo Yacht Club. Alexander Yezhkov and Leonid Makaron, members of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Sailing Federation.

Executive Director of the All-Russian Sailing Federation Oskar Konyukhov: "The race is held in abnormal weather conditions. For twenty-five years, the organizing committee of the transatlantic race can not remember such an atypical for this time the rose of winds. There have been regattas when counter winds prevailed for a couple of days, but it is nonsense that the wind from the west works for 10 days in a row or there is no wind at all. The record for the race was 11 days and 5 hours (2006). This year the Italian yacht Berenice has spent over 14 days crossing the ocean. Let me remind you that last year yacht Big One (Volvo 60) under the direction of Sergey Borodinov won the race, having spent 11 days and 16 hours for crossing the ocean. According to the statistics for the last 10 years - the leaders of the regatta stayed in 12 days, and this year the first ten yachts will finish in Santa Lucia after 18 days".

And the latest news - the yacht Polina Star 2 became the winner in TCF cruise class!

For those who just did not know what TCF is, experts explain:

TCF is a Time Correction Factor, a kind of handicap in the world of sailing racing. The longer a yacht is (the longer its waterline), the higher its speed. It's always basically the law of physics.

That's why, since boats participate in races are very different, each of them has its own TCF, based on the length and type of sails of the vessel. This allows you to correctly compare the boats in the race. TCF is designed for fair competition because without TCF the best team and yacht would not always win, but simply the biggest yacht.

It's a good example: In the "Invitation Cruising" class, the yachts Shipman 80 (23.98 m) and CONTEST 62CS (18.80 m), among others, were racing. According to TFC, the race was won by the shorter CONTEST.

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