The slogan of the year: moderate optimism

The slogan of the year: moderate optimism

World Boat Market Forecast 2011

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With the end of 2010, the sailing and boat industry in general is publishing cautious positive market forecasts. Exhibitions METS, boot Düsseldorf, London Boat Show everybody's talking about the audience's growing interest in the floating market.

The organisers of METS and SuperYacht Pavilion 2010 say that the show in the Netherlands was more positive than in 2009. This is confirmed by the figures for visitor and exhibitor growth. Compared to 2009, the exhibition was attended by 400 more people - 18,861 visitors from 94 countries. Moreover, the number of visitors to the SyperYacht Pavilion has been growing for the third consecutive year: in 2008 - 1,210 people; in 2009 - 1,261 and in 2010 - 1,320!

The number of companies represented at METS in general in 2010 was a record: 1320 companies from 47 countries. Last year the number of companies was 1261.

Matthias Dornscheidt, CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, says that now, a month before the opening, there is a great demand for exhibition space. The exhibition expects 1550 exhibitors from 50 countries to present 1770 boats. However, it is worth paying attention to last year's figures, when 1568 companies from 55 countries were represented at the exhibition. And in 2009 - 1700 companies from 57 countries.

Probably, boot Düsseldorf 2011 is optimistic at least because it was possible to stop the decrease in the number of participants, because besides the crisis, there are also competing exhibitions, which select "customers". In particular, Genoa, which in 2010 already hosted 1400 companies with 2300 boats! By the way, for the last 3 years the number of exhibitors Genoa International Boat Show fluctuates within just 10%.

In January 2011 at Tullett Prebon London Boat Show will be released by the YachtWorld Market Index. This index concerns the British market and analysts say that the yachting industry in the country "surprisingly little has been affected by the crisis". The reasons for this are the passion for boats, which people are not in a hurry to change, despite the difficult economic conditions. However, in consumer preferences British experts do see a shift in interest towards the used yacht market.

This trend can be seen particularly clearly in the luxury market segment. Back in August 2010, the influential website reported that at least three major companies reported new orders for yachts over 40m long. This is a Brazilian yacht. MCPTurkish Sunrise Yachtsand Italian. Benetti. There is also positive news in North America: Christensen Yachts from Vancouver signed a $30 million contract for the construction of two identical 50m yachts.

However, the lion's share of super yacht sales is in the second hand market. The largest brokerage company Camper and Nicholson, according to the same, in the middle of 2010 increased its superyacht sales by 33% compared to 2009. The editor of the U.S. version of the Yacht Report says that the superyacht market is recovering, but it is unlikely that anyone will see a boom like 2005-2007. During this time, 250 yachts over 40 meters long have been built. In the first half of 2008, 100 orders for superyachts were placed, while in the second half only 2 were placed. In 2008, 77 new custom yachts were launched, compared to only 66 in 2009.

Interestingly, prices for new yachts, despite the crisis, are not declining at all. In the case of superyachts, much depends on the choice of interior, where prices are fixed. On the other hand, the yacht market with mileage is experiencing a 40% drop in prices. As an example we can recall a sale transaction... Maltese Falcon. Its first owner, Google investor Tom Perkins, asked for $168 million for a three-masted Hawk and sold for $120 million.

The situation is being saved by buyers from new markets. Dubai International Boat Show 2010 attracted 700 exhibiting companies, and the sale of the 72-meter-high Hawk. Sunseeker on the first day speaks for itself. Buyers from Russia, the Far East and the Middle East are beginning to overtake their appetite from the Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean Sea.

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