First Cup 2011

First Cup 2011

There was only one race.

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"The years pass and none of them are like the other! - said on 5 February the chief judge of the traditional Primo Cup - Trophée Credit Suisse, which is already 27 times held in Monaco. - After the snowy and windy weather of 2010, it's just spring!" The anticyclone that hung over Genoa is to blame. And thanks to this front, the first weekend of the competition was able to hold only one race in each class (Dragon, Surprise, Esse 850, J24 and Melges 20).

In Dragon class, the Ukrainian team Transbunker UKR19 (Petukhov/Yarmolenko/Pugachev). The team has not started very well so far: 18 out of 25 started. However, Vasily Senatorov's Russian RUS34 broke the start (OCS), as well as two favorites - Generis (Switzerland, Ulrich Libor) and Lisa (Finland, Jurko Lingren). However, there is no need to be discouraged - the Russian landing in Monaco is big, and let someone get to the top. Third, for example, came the winners of the 2010 Annapurna Gold Cup RUS27 Loginova; fourth finished RUS6 Alexander Schmidt. Leonid Altukhov took 6th place in the top ten RUS 32 and Viktor Vogelson's RUS 35 in the 10th (all the crews were from Pirogovo club).

Despite the extensive landing party from Eastern Europe, the first two places went to the Anglo-Saxons. The wooden boat of 1958 brought victory to British Ivan Bradbury (Blue Haze), and the second came Irishman Jan Pach (by the way, a member of the local yacht club).

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