Boating Festival of America

Boating Festival of America

The bot show in Miami started

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The Motor and Sailing Boat Show in Miami is the most important American yachting event, a big boat holiday where Americans come with whole families and enjoy hanging out for a few days from morning to evening. The exhibition is held on three sites and, in addition to thousands of boats and everything associated with them, includes an extensive information and entertainment program for every taste. The show lasts five days and ends on Monday, February 21, so there should be enough time for a tour.

Among the highlights of the program the organizers promise the "queen of the show" - the world debut. Marlow Explorer 97EThe largest boat from Marlow, with seven (!) guest cabins and crew quarters. EGO, the world's first semi-submarine, as its creators call it, will also be shown. It is a kind of self-propelled raft, which has a glass cabin under water, similar to the drum of a washing machine. From the cabin you can gaze at the underwater kingdom, and when you get bored you can climb the stairs to enjoy the sun on deck.

Of other interests, Pegasus is the world's only diver's propulsion system so far that you don't have to hold hands. The system is mounted on oxygen cylinders and the diver's hands remain free for the camera, underwater gun and other equipment. For the sake of clarity, the Pegasus will be shown in the pool, so a long line for test drive is guaranteed.

Well, not for a moment forgetting that the Russians have their own pride, we draw your attention to this exhibit.

It is not for nothing that the exhibition organizers call it one of the most curious exhibits on the show and write the following: "It is "Tupolev-007", the aerosannies created by the Soviet aircraft designer for search and transportation of cosmonauts who have been fascinated to land in open spaces of Siberia. They are equipped with an aircraft engine with a power of 365 hp and a speed up to 230(!) km/h. This specimen is the only surviving of only three built. The estimated cost is 2 million dollars".

The loud index "007" and garish coloring with red stars and hammer sickles are the works of American owners of the device. So is the deafening price tag. In fact, the A-3 amphibious airships developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the USSR were built about 800 pieces, and some of them are still working in the eastern regions of Russia. According to the developer, the maximum speed of the sledge - 100 km / h.

And in addition to all this exotics, the exhibition will feature many "normal" boats - Boston Whaler, Four Winns, Cobalt and dozens of other local and world brands. Group Azimut-Benetti promised to bring as many as 12 boats, including a 116-foot boat. Grandethe biggest boat in the show. In general, the organizers promise to exhibit more than three thousand different boats in the halls and on water.

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