This one's called "bombing"!

This one's called "bombing"!

The superyacht "Eclipse" is now available for rent.

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Jim Evans, a well known yacht broker (now operating under the SuperYachtsMonaco brand), is pleased to announce that his company has signed a contract for the charter of a 164-metre yacht. Eclipse.

We have written about the famous yacht more than once and our interest in it can be explained not only by the fact that today it is the largest private boat in the world. We have had more patriotic reasons to be interested in this boat.

Given the cost of owning a yacht of this calibre, as well as the short time that the owner is able to devote to using it personally due to employment, the solution seems very logical. As they say, "at least the gasoline will repel". Well, or thousands of tons of good solarium, in this case.

The choice of a charter broker is also clear - SuperYachtsMonaco already represents some of the largest yachts in the world, including boats associated with the same name. Pelorus (115 m) and Luna (115 м). And we've known Jim Evans for a long time as the right guy, our guy who easily finds common ground with Russian customers.

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