Phoenicia, Homer, tight sails...

Phoenicia, Homer, tight sails...

Very beautiful project from a Russian designer.

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Our compatriot Igor Lobanov recently introduced to the public his new design project Phoenicia, which we have not seen analogues before - neither in scope, nor the expected functionality, nor in design approach, finally.

Lobanov studied design at Coventry University in the UK and Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, and has already established a reputation for involvement in very serious projects, including the famous Coventry University. А. His firm Lobanov Design now has offices in Russia, Britain and Italy.

According to Igor, Phoenicia is a purely "research" concept, focused on design as such. The snow-white hyperyacht, which is more than 100 meters long, resembles the ancient Greek battle trireme, suddenly overgrown with ultramodern sailing weapons. The giant length of the hull gives so much deck area that the designer was able to place even a landing pad for a helicopter in the stern - a unique fact for a sailing yacht.

Another eye-catching element is the beautiful openwork fence on the main deck that covers the boat's extensive side galleries. The designer has developed several options for the fence, one of which clearly shows the Arabic motifs. But the most noticeable thing about Phoenicia is its unique nose, which suggests the "Iliad", the siege of Troy and the heroes of ancient Greek myths.

The name of the concept, "Phoenix", is very symbolic. In addition to the fact that the trireme is just considered an invention of the Phoenicians, in the ancient state of Phoenician also appeared alphabet, remote "descendants" of which are now used in the form of Latin and Cyrillic alphabets in the space from Australia to Russia. Phoenicians were active in maritime trade, their ships sailed across the Mediterranean, and the impact of their culture on the many peoples in the region is still visible today.

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