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Russian project "river off-road vehicle" from Laky Verf

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The car under the shackle index VAZ-2121 once became a real and, alas, since then, the only triumph of the Soviet car industry. The world's first comfortable little off-road vehicle became known as "Niva", started a whole class of crossovers and still remains, according to Wikipedia, "the most original and popular car of Soviet and Russian manufacture". Practical, simple not to the detriment of functionality and well-designed car came to our (and not only) roads as good as possible. It was also appreciated in the world - in addition to many other countries, Niva was the only Soviet car sold in Japan itself. It's a pity that more of that success could not be repeated.

The need for a strong, "passable" and at the same time comfortable means of transportation is no less strong on our waterways. Such an analogue of the Niva has tried to develop the Ladoga shipyard... Laky Verf. Her new 13-metre boat, in addition to just water trips and fishing, can be used as a staff, patrol, inspection and service boat. Its seaworthiness allows the aluminium vessel to operate in the coastal sea zone and the estuaries of large rivers.

Overnight boat can accommodate a crew (or a company for a walk if you want) in five people, and up to ten passengers will feel normal on board on short day trips. For them there is a spacious cabin with a full salon, where everything is necessary for rest or service: two workplaces, a dining area with a table, a comfortable sofa for five people and a fully equipped galley. There is also a control station in the wheelhouse salon, equipped with a modern navigation system. As standard, there is an observation area on the roof of the cabin with five chairs, and on request there is another control station, which turns the boat into a full-fledged flybridge.

The deckhouse is surrounded by a wide platform, and sliding doors on the sides of the superstructure provide "through" passage through the cabin. This arrangement allows not only to cross the boat in seconds if necessary, but also fills the interior with light, expanding the interior space.

From the cabin you can go down to the lower level, where there are two cabins: the bow cabin and the stern cabin. The forward cabin is equipped with two main bunks and one extra, as well as two wardrobes and a wardrobe. The aft cabin has two more bunks, a nightstand and a wardrobe.

There is only one dressing room on the boat, but it is very spacious - its size allows you to take a shower. It is located next to the aft cabin and the cabin, and from the bow cabin it can be accessed by passing through the salon.

In addition to the two cabins and the deckhouse, the designers have managed to squeeze in the 13-metre hull and the pantry, which, if necessary, will be converted into a drying compartment for drying clothes and laundry. For long fishing trips or service in any weather, this option can be very useful. A powerful air-conditioning system powered by an on-board diesel generator is responsible for drying the clothes and comfort of the crew on the boat.

A small rubber boat with its own device for quick lifting and launching is placed at the stern as a tender. The whole farm will move on water pretty quickly. With two Volvo Penta D6-330/DPH (2x330 hp) diesel engines and propeller wheels, the maximum speed is expected at 30 knots. At least 1200 nautical miles of fuel should be enough for the boat.

Overall, Laky Verf's multi-purpose boat project is very promising - an off-road vehicle with a high degree of autonomy for our not always densely populated areas. With a sufficient variety of layout and propulsion options (the editorial staff, for example, would have been happy to have a look at the water-jet version - it would have turned out to be so Russian".pibber") the boat may well be in demand among fishermen, rescuers and many others who need a strong, unpretentious and comfortable watercraft.

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