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Best water toys for megayachts

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It has long been noticed that a conversation with any owner or tenant of a yacht almost always ends up rolling on the fertile theme of toys on board. Megayachts in themselves are masterpieces of design and engineering science, there is no controversy, but for frivolous vacationers, almost the main thing in them is how much fun and diverse it is possible to spend time in the water near the boat.

Alas, the banal pair of jet skis of today's holidaymaker wouldn't surprise you. Kayaks, inflatable "bananas", "buns" and "pills" are not so inspiring either. People are demanding more fans... In addition, the older we get, the more acute is the desire to return to the time of childhood barefoot and already now get everything that a little man could not enjoy enough under the unsleeping eye of adults.

Below we will look at the six best water funs to date, which are guaranteed to delight both children and timeless veterans.


Charter yacht Lazy Z and is already famous for a wealth of entertainment on board. Hydrocycles, wakeboards, water skis, diving and snorkeling equipment - in the classic two weeks of vacation, you still have to try it at least once. But one thing is worth the effort even here - a waterslide, which is so nice to set records for the time of descending from the spandeck right up to the waterline. The ladder for the Lazy Z won't be dragged as far from the Boeing or Airbus as you'd think. It is made especially for the yacht by a company that builds industrial water attractions and water parks for hotels.

Water trampolines.

Did you like jumping when you were a kid? In adulthood it is no less fascinating, especially if you fall not on hard ground, but in the cool sea water. Seems like that's why water trampolines become a popular accessory. They are already on board several private and charter yachts, and there is no shortage of offers from manufacturers. They are very easy to use - the inflatable thing drifts a couple of meters from the standing yacht, so the crew can keep an eye on everyone who is jumping. The trampoline is deflated for compact storage at the crossings.


Perhaps the most wonderful thing is the creation of modern technologies in the field of yachting toys. Despite the considerable price (10000-17000 dollars), among owners and charter operators of yachts Siboba differ like hot cakes. The unit looks like a small torpedo, which the "rider" keeps in front of him. The waterproof hull contains an electric motor, a water cannon and a powerful lithium battery. On a surface of water it is possible to slide, like a dolphin, at speed up to 22 km/h, but it is much more interesting to direct Sibob down, to dive to depth and to swim there admiring underwater beauties. The maximum depth of the dive is up to 35 meters. The range is quite wide at the manufacturer, and the model you like can be ordered in any of the many bright colors.

Motor surfboard

Yeah, there is now and there is. The company called Powerski - so far the only manufacturer on the market of motorized surfers, but this situation is unlikely to last long - it's painfully promising toy. This, in fact, is a surfboard, only slightly more massive than usual, because inside it has a gas tank and a small two-stroke engine with a watermaker. The driver stands on the board in the classic side rack and holds on to the nose sticking thrust with the handle on the handle. The top speed reaches 60 км\ч and you can drive everywhere on the board, even on water that is as calm as a mirror. This sets it apart from its motorless ancestor.


Another "rising star" of yachting leisure. One such hovercraft (a three-seater model from Hov Pod) has been purchased, for example, for the newest Picchiotti. Exuma. More utilitarian models from the same firm have long been used in UN missions, and much less utilitarian - several years were sold in London Harrod's. In any case, these devices allow you to easily go out from water to shore and drive on water and land at a speed of 50-70 км\ч, which makes them a good addition to the garage of any megayacht.

Mini Submarines .

The loudest (and cheapest) hit in equipping large boats. Characteristic silhouettes can now be seen on all the visible megayachts of our time, such as Eclipse Abramovich и Octopus Paula Allenand on more modest boats like the last 133-foot Moonen, which has become, uh, "the smallest" yacht in the world with its own submarine on board.

The most popular onboard submarines are made by an American company Triton Submarines. Its models allow a certified operator and one or two passengers to explore the mysteries of the oceans at depths over 850 (!) meters. Slightly less expensive models make the company U-Boat Worxbut their depths are not the same - only up to 100 meters, but with five passengers on board.

The pleasure is not cheap at all. The boat from U-Boat Worx will cost 1.3 million dollars. Triton boats cost from 1.9 to three million, but on individual order the parent company of Triton U.S. Submarines will be glad to make bigger models. There will be no limit to perfection or price, which can easily reach $90 million.

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