Nimbus: new times

Nimbus: new times

The company's majority shareholder has changed.

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Swedish holding company R12 AB, behind which, we note in brackets, are billions of such giant as Oriflame Cosmetics, intends to invest in the development of companies Nimbus Boats и Paragon Yachtsto strengthen the Nimbus Group's position as one of the leaders in the Nordic yachting market. The conditions for the Nimbus Group are fantastically good: the new owners intend to maintain their existing team and dealer network. Given that the yard has previously worked like clockwork without serious financial problems, the investment will not be aimed at a large-scale restructuring of the existing structure, but at optimizing the production process and, of course, expanding the model range and increasing the size of the yachts themselves. The key markets for the company will be Europe, Russia and Asia.

Investments will be made to expand the model range and increase the size of the yachts themselves.


As for the Nimbus brand, the emphasis will be primarily on the development of the Nova and Coupe Cruisers as the most promising and already proven success of their concept.


This range of GRP boats currently includes four models ranging in length from 27 to 43 feet. The concept of the series is a high-speed and sea cruiser, with both open and cabin boats in the same length. The only boat that is only available «indoors» is the flagship and the freshest model in the series. Nimbus 43 Nova. It is a comfortable cruiser with three cabins, two bathrooms, a small but practical salon and a spacious aft cockpit. It is equipped with a pair of Volvo Penta D6 370 hp engines. (optionally with shafts or speakers), the boat accelerates to 42 knots. Despite the closed deckhouse, which means the northern type, the 43 Nova can also be successfully operated in warm water areas that mean «beach» holidays: the hardtop is equipped with a large opening hatch and the aft platform is hydraulically driven. It can go under water by 40 cm, which is convenient for bathing; an important fact - this option is available with any type of drive.

Another fairly recent model is Nimbus 34 Nova. Originally developed in the open version, a folding awning above the cockpit and running covers were provided for weather protection. However, at the end of 2011, the hardtop version was also available, with a choice between a lightweight fabric top, which is assembled into an «accordion» when opening, and a glass hatch with electric drive. In the same way, the problem of closing the interior from the stern is solved: a fabric cover or sliding transparent doors. Due to the smaller size, the 34 Nova has two cabins and one bathroom. However, conceptually this boat is similar to 43 Nova, in particular - due to a small superstructure the salon is compact, but the open aft cockpit is more than impressive for such a boat. This convenience will be appreciated by fishing enthusiasts and all those who prefer to spend more time in the air rather than under the roof. The boat is equipped with either one Volvo Penta D6-370 engine or a pair of smaller D4 engines with 260 hp each.

All Nimbus features very easy handling and maneuverability.

Nimbus 31 Nova is also available in open version and with hardtop. It is one of the most practical models in the series: despite its compactness, it boasts two (and quite a few) cabins, and the cockpit here is just a treasure trove of hidden features. Divided into two parts, it has two transformable dinettes: one that can be transformed into a sunbed by tilting the back of the navigator's seat. The wind bar (also known as the mini-caboose) also contains hidden reserves: at first, it does not even occur to you that, in addition to all the necessary equipment, you can still fit a full set of dinnerware and glasses (no need to use plastic plates). And, of course, as on the older models of Nova, there is a mass of comfortable lockers and a holder for cranes at the stern. The engine - one, power from 260 to 330 «horses».

Finally, Nimbus 27 Nova. And this model is available in two versions and again - very functional cockpit, meticulous execution of all details and ... all the same two cabins. In fact, this layout tells us about the true purpose of the Nova series - family trips. Whatever the size of the boat, you can always bring your children or, alternatively, a couple of friends, and this is, you will agree, the most common version of the company for water holidays. Most likely, this concept will not change, but the new models in the Nova range are expected very soon.


This line of cruisers still consists of two models: 335 Coupe и 365 Coupewith the latter receiving the title of European Powerboat of the Year in 2012. This is what motivated the investment in this series to develop as quickly as possible, especially since these boats are the shipyard's bestsellers: over 3000 hulls have been built and sold so far. The Coupe Cruisers series looks very similar to the Nova, but the Coupe Cruisers are of the sidewalk type: the asymmetrical layout of the cabin allows for a wide passageway on only one side, thus increasing the salon. Up until now, the Coupe Cruisers have only been equipped with shafts, but this situation will soon change. In the coming autumn, the new flagship of the range will debut - 405 Coupeavailable with both shafts and speakers similar to the 43 Nova; even their enclosures will be similar.


The concept of the 405 Coupe is largely based on what led to the success of the 365, but there will also be innovations ranging from exterior design and refined control station to a huge aft platform on the same level as the saloon and cockpit. As in the Nova series, the hardtop will be equipped with a transparent hatch with electric drive, and the interior can be separated from the cockpit by sliding doors. The feature of this boat is the possibility to moor it as you wish: stern, bow, starboard. In any case, it will be convenient to go ashore thanks to the design of the railing and bowsprit platform, which is very important in crowded marinas. The lower deck of the 405 Coupe has three cabins and a couple of bathrooms.

The boat is equipped with two Volvo Penta D4 300 or 370 hp engines. There is no data on speed capabilities yet, but given that all Nimbus give at least 35 knots (a kind of shipyard rule to which it never cheats), test drive is unlikely to disappoint. In addition, so far all Nimbus Coupe cruisers have been remarkably obedient and easy to operate, so there is every reason to assume that this will once again be a «driver»'s boat and not just «a crew» for the family's Sunday boat trip.

Attention to detail, amazing practicality, no cheap fittings ... Quality is the hallmark of Nimbus. Even after many years of use, these boats boast not only reliability, but also a presentable appearance.


The Paragon yacht brand, also owned by the Nimbus Group, is looking forward to a major reboot and development. Well, it's about time, considering that excellent quality boats are being built in Finland, but the whole range consists of three units. It is a model. Paragon 31 and two other boats 25 feet long: Paragon 25 и Ranger 25 (one with the deckhouse closed, the other open).

These boats are more likely to be bought from the north, but their potential is much greater.

Despite the fact that these boats do not resemble Nimbus at all (they often belong to the group «of marine SUVs»), the task in terms of hull design is approximately the same: to achieve maximum speed without sacrificing navigability. The latter is not a whim for Swedes, but a dire necessity and even a matter of honour. It's no coincidence that a wide variety of people are involved in Paragon's testing - from water motor riders to Coast Guard staff. The hulls of the whole series are made of fiberglass, the distinctive feature is a soft private perimeter beam, which makes mooring (to the shore or on board of another vessel) easy and safe. Spending the night on board is not a problem either: the 25-footers have a forward cabin, while the Paragon 31 has even two: a forward cabin and a stern cabin. The Paragon 25 and Ranger 25 are powered by the same Volvo Penta engine with outputs from 225 to 300 hp. The top speed of both models is 37 knots. The Paragon 31 can be equipped with a single power unit (Volvo Penta D6, 330/370 hp) or twin engine (Volvo Penta D3, 220 hp), which allows to develop 39 knots.

With excellent hulls and impeccable workmanship, the only thing these boats need is for as many people as possible to know about them. Of course, Paragon cannot be called a local brand, but the main consumers of these boats are the Nordic countries and other Nordic countries, while their potential is much wider. It should be assumed that the changes in the Nimbus Group will not only expand the model range, but also give new opportunities to promote boats on the world market. In any case, from an economic point of view, there is no doubt that success awaits only those who are constantly on the move. And especially those who are moving in the right direction will benefit.

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