Debt port

Debt port

The fate of the long-suffering Olympic port is being decided.

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The process of turning the unprofitable port of Sochi, «Imeretinsky», into a fabulous yacht marina turned out to be impossible for the «Basic Element of» Oleg Deripaska. The company called for help from those who know how to do things at sea. The shares in the project were offered by Astra Marinas Group (author of the design project for the Sochi marina) and Azimut Russia, the official dealer of the Italian yard in Russia.

But, according to our information, there are no fools.

If there is anything companies can do to help, then only expert advice.

Thus, «Basel» has planned to partially cover its debt to «Vnesheconombank» (VEB) - over 4 billion rubles. However, the bank does not believe in the new debt restructuring scheme and strongly recommends to transfer control over the port to «Olympstroy», which does not suit «Basel»in any way.

We asked Anna Shumeiko, Commercial Director of «Marinetec», to evaluate the prospects of the marina construction project: In o«ur opinion, from the point of view of location, proximity to the Olympic Village objects, the prospects of high level residential development - a place for the marina is very promising. The development of respectable residential development in Sochi's Adler district will allow this marina to be in great demand in the future. At the same time, it should be taken into account that in the autumn of 2013 the Marina of the Sochi Sea Trade Port (Grand Marina) with 250 parking spaces will be put into operation. Marinetek is taking part in its construction. This marina will fully meet the current demand for parking spaces in Sochi district. There is also the possibility of increasing the number of places up to 300 with more. Marina in Port Imeretinsky is the prospect of the next 4-6 years of demand development

The history of the «Imeretinsky» cargo port's orthards is as follows: 5 billion rubles invested in its construction threaten «Basel» with a loss of 6 billion rubles, as it suddenly turned out that on account of in the vicinity of the Novorossiysk port, it's idle. And without it, there seems to have been no prospects of fully loading it. Initially«, it was a little» miscalculated.

In 2014, during the Games, passengers will be based at the port. hotel ships - housing for security personnel. And after the Olympics it was planned to be converted into a yacht marina and to cover VEB's debts by selling real estate and the proceeds from the sale of parking spaces. It was planned to complete the construction of the marina by 2015. In order for the project to take place, it must be a wave, he said. Massimo Kyodo.president of the Astra Marinas Group, and to make it profitable, we need to build five-star hotels in the district.

Anna Shumeyko agrees that... additional investment in hydraulic wave protection structures is required. According to «Marinetek», the wave protection inside the Imeretinsky cargo port is not enough to house the marina there. The transfer of investment costs for hydrotechnical construction to the marina economy will significantly increase the payback period of the project, sums up Anna.

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