«This is a real sailing sport.»

«This is a real sailing sport.»

What remembers the Russian Open Championship in Dragon class«?»

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The championship, which ended yesterday in Saint Petersburg, absorbed all the features of a real sailing competition: tedious waiting for the races, strong winds, false starts, protests and intrigue with the definition of the winner.

On the last day of the competition we asked the participants what was the brightest episode of the past races.

Elena Razina, chief photographer of the 2013 BSRC:

« I remembered the collisions on the sign, and, of course, the stormy emotions of the teams that followed».

Anatoly Loginov. IUMC, winner of the BSRC 2012:

« We loved the first race today. By the starting lineup we were losing to our main rival (note itBoat: team of Dmitry Samokhin), and in many cases this situation could be interpreted as hopeless. But we were helped by a tactical finding: we used the third participant and made a turn at the moment when our rivals stopped controlling us. From there, we managed to get to the first position and hold it. It will be remembered for a long»time.

Dmitry Samokhin, President of the National Association of «Dragon»Class Yachts.

« The most emotionally costly event is the protest that was filed against us after the last race. Waiting for the decision was exhausting. If we had been filmed, we wouldn't have been in the first place anymore. And I would have called this situation the brightest by fresh impressions. But I understand that in a couple of days the emotions will be gone, only good memories will remain. Especially since we have excellent friendly relations with Anatoly Loginov's crew, and we treated the situation with humor. We were both interested in the judges to make a really fair decision.

The Championship had everything - positive emotions, nerves, and tough moments. This is a real sailing sport».

Georgy Shayduko, first vice-president of the All-Union All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, ZMS, seven-time USSR champion, fourteen-time Russian champion in classes Flying Dutchman, Soling, Zvezdny, Dragon and Carter-30.

« You can't say anyone won by accident. I think the brightest thing about the second day is that the good wind»finally blows.

Victor Vogelson, number 8, Dragon»Class «International Ranking.

« For me, the whole second day of racing was a "negative moment". Then there were a lot of unpleasant damages and stupid situations - if not for them, the tournament table would look quite different.

The second is hot weather, it was very hard to sit and wait for the start of races. But all this is included in the concept of "sports competitions".

And on the positive side, I'll name the wonderful wind conditions in which the crews could show the subtleties of their technique and tactics. This is very important. I had to race around the world quite often - 1-2 times a month, but I can say for sure that the best wind conditions in the last three years I can not remember».

Vasily Senatorov, Yacht Russia Publisher, representative of the WFTU Board of Trustees.

« The most memorable moment was when we were knocked down the starboard cable».

Yves Legliz, chief measurer, official measurer of the International Dragon»Class «Association .

« People like to fight on the water as much as they like to rest after the races on the shore.

I can't help but notice the decoration of the whole Championship - a gala dinner, arranged in a wonderful place with amazing music and wonderful atmosphere.

However, the athlete always remains an athlete. On the water, no one will say, "Please, after you!" There's always tough competition and competition».

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