What do you call a yacht...

What do you call a yacht...

About the creative approach to naming boats

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Sometimes yacht owners show great ingenuity and creativity in making up nicknames for their favorite boats. We take off our hats in front of them and offer you to enjoy the fruits of their creativity.

1. «My first wooden»

2. «Slow cow»

3. ???

4. «Alpha male»

5. «Why wait»

6. «Wet dreams»

7. «Batman's coming back.»

8. «??Boats and whores»

9. «Black Sheep»

10. «Ministry of Foreign Affairs»

11. «Aquagolic.»

12. «Dog kennel»

13. «Doggy Style .»

14. «I've been working all day.»

15. «Hangover»

16. «Shares and blondes»

17. «Angry bitch.»

18. «Just add some water.»

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