Cannes Boat Show 2013
Reviews and test drives

Cannes Boat Show 2013

Ten hot new items of the season
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Organizers . Cannes Yacht Show announced about a hundred new products on their site. ItBoat has selected some interesting boats that can't be missed.

1. Beneteau Oceanis 38

Beneteau offered an interesting modular concept - three boats in one housing. The customer determines which type of boat he is interested in and, based on this, the shipyard «begins» the hull. The basic version, the simplest and cheapest, is a pleasure sailing boat without cabins for a few hours, where the comfort is minimal and the space is maximized. The shipyard nicknamed it the loft. The second option is a yacht for a few days of cruising for weekends on the water. And the last one is a comfortable cruiser for long journeys. The second and third variants assume 2 or 3 cabins, depending on the client's wishes.

The charm is that when a customer grows out of a party loft, he can order a conversion from the yard to a family cruiser, saving on the purchase of a new boat.

Modular concept in action:

Bonus: exclusive designer wheelchair bag from Longchamp, which turns into a locker on board the Oceanis 38.

2. Swiss Catamaran S2C 45

The Catamaran S2C 45 is designed for small crews - a couple or a family - where the boat is operated by one person. It is designed for a control station, where everything you need is within walking distance. The catamaran has a carbon mast and sailing arms from Kevlar.

The designers have proposed the following family layout: one hull of the Swiss Catamaran S2C 45 will be taken over by parents and the other by children. The size of the boat also made it possible to make a separate cabin for guests.

Bonus: The S2C 45 is suitable for the Scandinavian market and will easily overcome dams in Germany, Holland and other Nordic countries. On the way from St. Petersburg to Ladoga Lake, the catamaran will pass quietly under the Great Obukhov Bridge.

3. Art Of Kinetik Hedonist Open

The Art Of Kinetik Shipyard will present an open version of the futuristic «hedonist». There will be no cardinal innovations in the Hedonist Open - it's still the same carefully crafted charismatic boat with a hull made of mahogany, Kevlar and carbon fiber. The Hedonist Open commands respect for its ability to squeeze 40 knots with good handling.

Bonus: The Hedonist garage hides a tender that can reach 50 knots.

4. MCY 86

The exterior appearance of MCY 86 was created by Italian masters Nuvori and Lenard. By their admission, they planned the interior spaces so cool that it is a boat inside more than the outside. The Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard positions it as an «original luxury concept with an unrivalled level of personalization». The interiors have been created using fabrics from the prestigious Italian and French brands Hermès, Armani, Frau and Pierre Frey, while the white alabaster Walterra, marble, mocha limestone and Venetian hand-crafted Murano glass mosaics are used.

Bonus: convenient separation between the crew area and the owners' and guests' area.

5. Frauscher 858 Fantom

A star team of Austrian designers and engineers worked on the Frauscher 858 Fantom tender. Thomas Herzer, for example, is famous for his 717 GT and 1017 GT boats, Harry Meisbauer has worked with Luca Brenta, Wally, Maxi Dolphin and other impressive names.

To create the tender's exterior, Austrian guys attracted «»Kiska (KISKA), an automotive design studio. Focusing on previous Frauscher boats, the designers modeled the new 858 Fantom. This tender has a maximum speed of 40 knots and when an additional engine is installed it squeezes out all 48.

Bonus: a tender and a sports car in one bottle.

6. Fairline Targa 48 Open

British Fairline started to produce new boats after crisis years. One of them is the Targa 48 Open. A new hull design was developed for her. As promised by the British shipyard, it will add sportiness and reliability to the yacht. The Targa 48 Open has prepared to storm the Mediterranean.

Bonus: large sunbathing deck with electrically adjustable retractable roof.

7. Gunfleet 58

Someone may have already had the privilege of seeing the Gunfleet 58 at the beginning of the year at the Düsseldorf Boat Show. If not, the creation of Tony Castro is available in Cannes.

And we give the floor to a colleague from Yachting World, Toby Hodges. He visited the Gunfleet in Germany and then tried it out on the water: «I remember climbing the Gunfleet 58 in January in Düsseldorf and I was impressed by its completeness. After that I spent two days on board it and nothing made me change my mind. Given the small draft of the Gunfleet and its shiny running characteristics, it really stands out from the crowd».

Bonus: good potential for high speeds.

8. Solaris 72 DH

Solaris 72 DH was designed by Doug Peterson so that the shipowner can travel at all latitudes. When hiking for the views of the northern seas it will be very convenient to have a powerful heating system. The highlight of Solaris 72 DH is the 360-degree view on deck superstructure, where both Norwegian fjords and Polynesian atolls are equally comfortable to see.

Bonus: The Solaris 72 Classic will be on display next to it. It is possible to compare two 22m boats made by Se.Re.Gi architects for clients with different tastes.

9. 60 Sunreef Power

The catamaran theme is becoming more and more in demand each year, with more space for multihulls at the yacht shows. That's why we have another representative of this species on our list - motor catamaran 60 Sunreef Power. The boat is equipped with engines with IPS drive, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight marinas and reduces fuel consumption.

Bonus: The catamaran will be available for sea trials.

10. The Carver C34.

This yacht will appear in Cannes already titled. At the Toronto show, she won the best value for money award, and this is an occasion to look at her. It is noteworthy that she looks noticeably different from the Carver models of recent years - the boat has received a modern exterior, but not without retro details, such as round windows from the 20s. At almost 11 meters in length, she is about 4 meters wide - a yacht of this size has a rare wide stern.

Bonus: With two standard 300hp MerCruiser engines, the Carver C34 costs $325,000.

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