We smile and waving.

We smile and waving.

Turns out what Americans do on yachts
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The assumption that people are much happier on boats has finally acquired official status. The BoatUS Association conducted a survey among its members and reported that the question: «Do you wave (to other boats)?» everyone answered «yes». Percentage of positive answers is inordinate - 99.4! The Association includes about 500 thousand people, that is among them there were only 3 thousand ignorant.

«Waving past boats is a natural gesture for many shipowners," says Margaret Podlic, President of the Association. - And it does not matter whether it is a sailing boat, motor boat, fishing boat or jet ski. It doesn't matter who is waving. It's a universal gesture».

Why did this research suddenly come up? It was initiated by Margaret Podlic himself. She went on a journey on the water.

While she was cheerfully waving to every boat passing by, not everyone answered her.

For starters, she was torn by doubts, maybe there's something wrong with her. When she was convinced otherwise, she decided to find out why not all boat owners waved back at her. Thank God she has the oldest association of boat owners in the U.S., operating since 1966, with more than half a million members, among whom a survey was conducted. Commenting on the results and the discrepancy with reality, she joked that BoatUS members simply enjoy the water more.

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