Captain-Club 5: What to read

Captain-Club 5: What to read

Useful guides, reports, season results.
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In the new issue of Captain Club magazine:

On page 50 you will learn how Carla Demaria made friends with the French production experience and Italian design at MSY.

Quote: W«e had nothing: no shipyard, no sketches, no designers, only the idea and understanding that we need to be strikingly different from all other market players to succeed»... .

About Mecca for mega-yacht enthusiasts, the Monaco Yacht Show, on page 54.

Quote: «Here in Monaco, you can look at and identify exactly what you need. After all, all that limits you is your imagination. What a budget».

On page 154 the «Captain-Club» laid out a useful memo for skippers taking a yacht for charter. What questions to ask the manager of the company and what to pay attention to, so that during the voyage it is not painfully painful to deal with the consequences of one's and others' negligence. Plus clear examples of what unexpected places previous vacationers can put the pig in.


«Our headmaster got a yacht with the remains of diesel in one of the water tanks. Apparently, the bay, someone has mixed up the necks».

A soul guide on the St. Petersburg - Moscow water route. On page 160, Georgy Karpenko, who went this way on a motor yacht... Contest named «Lefort» in a pleasant company, sharing his observations and impressions.


«I will agree right away: we excluded alcohol, including beer, from the transitions completely. And the Mandrogs were the only place we let ourselves get «worse»»...

Leonid Amirkhanov put in a good word about the cruiser «Rurik», writing down the history of this ship on page 174.

Quote: «Well, okay, if Ivan Ivanovich [Rengarten] is angry, I'll give you «Rurik».

And in this issue you will also find 18 boat reviews, industry news, reports from yacht shows, captain's stories from the archive and much more.

Archive: Captain's «Club» #4 magazine review

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