Just math, that's all.

Just math, that's all.

Overview of the new tactical compass from Velocitec
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The Velocitek company presented a new tactical miracle compass Shift. Simple, intuitive, with huge buttons and large numbers. It shows the course the yacht is on, the previously set course and the deviation from it. But the most important thing about it is that it has a 9-axis position sensor, which gives a more accurate degree without any deviation on the roll, differential and other troubles accompanying the yacht. How the new gadget works is clearly demonstrated by this video.

We asked the respected athletes to tell us from the height of their experience how good and how useful such a device will be for the racers.

Catherine Skudina

Such a compass greatly helps the helmsman to determine the time to turn, which previously used the internal sense of wind, courses of yacht competitors or landmarks on the shore. Electronics provide more accurate data and make it easier to calculate and deploy tactics. Typically, professional riders use a combination of sensations and observations to make decisions and compare them with the tactical team. At least that's what I did.

For novice yachtsmen, this device makes life a lot easier, as it does not require any steering or tactical sensations when the wind comes in. It's just math, that's all.

In this case the transition to a more competent tactical layout of the race is accelerated. But the downside is that riders practically do not use their own sensations and rely only on devices. They do not learn to see the wind and feel it coming along the traditional guidelines. For example, in children's sailing schools, I would not recommend using it.

Another risk for beginners and even more experienced helmsmen is the distraction of the instrument. The helmsman should be looking at sorcerers, the nose and water surface in front of the boat. And if you use the instruments, you will automatically focus attention on the numbers on the screen. Coach often used to argue about this :)

It is necessary to strictly define the role of the tactician-compass: it is a good tactical assistant for the rider, but the time of viewing his data should be strictly limited, and attention to his readings should not take more than necessary.

Rodion Luca.

The new device from Velocitek is a unique, more perfect copy of the digital compass Tacktick. It is more convenient than the Mikro Tacktick in that it indicates the changed angle to the saved compass heading on a tack in more detail. It works in the dark, or in very cloudy weather when there is not enough light energy.

But the most important thing, in my opinion, is the advantage that his figures are visible in polarized glasses.

For me it was very often inconvenient to find a compromise, on the one hand, the polarized glasses show better wind on the water, on the other hand, the devices are poorly visible. With this device you do not have to make extra head movements to see the readings of the device.

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