Shipwreck museum, or what to do with a Dutch schizo.

Shipwreck museum, or what to do with a Dutch schizo.

Andrey Sharkov about an unusual Dutch museum.
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On the island... Tessel there's an amazing museum, the shipwreck museum. It's probably the weirdest maritime museum I've ever been to. First of all, despite the creepy name, the museum is not scary at all, but rather the opposite, in something even fun. And secondly, the history of its creation is stunning...

The museum was created thanks to three components. First of all, let me remind you that it happens on the island of Tessel, which stands in a place where large currents in the North Atlantic end, and above all the Gulf Stream. To the north shore of the island, the sea always carries something out of what is floating on the surface. And it's already floating, maybe, thousands of miles. The second feature is the national Dutch feature, thriftiness, which sometimes develops into a mental illness. Even the name for it is invented - Plyushkin's syndrome, when a person finds something, but does not throw away, no matter what nonsense or even garbage it is. On Tessel, one of the residents turned out to be so Plyushkin. And the third feature is that the Dutch have the same cautiousness, who can turn anything to their advantage. Even the mental illness of their neighbor...

Such Plyushkin's cider happened to one of the islanders. He walked on the shore, where the sea took out all sorts of nonsense, collected everything he got and dragged into the house. At some point, all the home space at his uncle was filled with all kinds of junk. His wife left him, unable to live in the arms of the sea garbage, but his uncle kept dragging what he had found into the house. This uncle, from the TV screen, broadcasts about his "hobby":

In the end, someone from the City Hall came up with a brilliant idea - let's make a museum out of all this ugliness! After all, the found things once belonged to people and often got into the sea against their wishes, and as a result of some, not always funny events, and shipwrecks, among others. That's how the museum came into being.

Andrey Sharkov, president of the Russian Cruising Club. The author's blog on Livejournal.

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