Sailing Dusseldorf: Moody 54DS
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Sailing Dusseldorf: Moody 54DS

Andrey Sharkov about a family yacht for a small family.
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Perhaps it is the Düsseldorf yacht show that is one of the most representative in Europe today. And if it's interesting where yachting goes, it's worth going. Which we have done for the second year in a row. And now I would like to share my impressions.

A few general remarks. I've already heard the opinion that the de show is a little «tight».

I did not notice that there were fewer exhibitors. It's just that some of the exhibitors last year did not come or limited themselves to formal representation.

The composition changes from year to year, and I think this is not a feature of the current exhibition. But it seems to me that there are more visitors. If last year on a weekday it was possible to go almost everywhere without a queue, now many stands had to take an «element»in advance. And on the weekend, it seemed like you couldn't get away with it. And maybe it also seemed, but there were more people in the «engine» pavilions than in the «sailing»pavilions. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was a trend. And certainly there were a lot of people in the «accompanying» pavilions, where they represented all kinds of «water trivia», like RIBs, boats, paraphernalia for entertainment on water and clothes.

Today I would like to tell you about the boat that impressed me personally - the Moody 54DS.

I don't think «Moody»'s shipyard is for yachtsmen. After all, 150 years of experience in yacht building speaks for itself. In 2007 the shipyard changed owners and HanseYachts AG became the main shareholder. It must be said that the yachting community was tense then. If previously the «husbands» were excellent traditional «open water» cruisers for small family crews, how will the marriage to a relatively young German shipyard affect them? Now I see how. «The Moodies» are different. I haven't figured out about open water yet, but it's more of a big family now.

At the exhibition, the shipyard presented two sides: the 41 with the traditional layout (aft cockpit) and the innovative 54. The innovation of the latter is that it is an attempt to make a yacht with a two-level layout of interiors.

Last year «Moody» introduced her younger sister, the 45th boat. And then, I must say, I wasn't at all impressed with her. More precisely, the concept was the same, but in a smaller size, the yacht looks a bit «unbelievable». The tall superstructure on the deck breaks the proportions, and there's nothing left of the yacht's gracefulness. The 54th looks pretty and looks more like a small ship than a yacht. I must say that this is not the first attempt at this layout. If you remember, there were similar Atoll boats made by French Dufour, the salon was also raised above the deck and below there were quite spacious cabins. But the «tropical island» was not very popular with customers and was quickly taken out of production.

But let's come over here. Immediately - in a transom so popular today's dinghy locker and folding platform. The constructive solution to my taste is extremely controversial, but the manufacturers persist in reproducing it in different models. Trend, however!

The peculiarity of the boat is a large cockpit, which on the one hand is «flooded» to the level of the whole deck, on the other hand it is covered with a semi-rigid visor. It adds a sense of security.

There are control posts aboard the stern. At first glance, the high deckhouse seems to cover the view of the helmsman. Maybe it's just a matter of adjusting, I'd try it first, and then pass the verdict.

In general, the cockpit and the entrance to the salon are more like those usually found on motor yachts. The salon is separated by a glass bulkhead with a wide sliding door. Picture of the salon:

The salon wouldn't say it's big, big, but definitely not small. Man 8 will fit exactly at the table. By the way, pay attention to the way the «wings»of the table are folded so that it is more convenient to pass between the sofa:

Same salon, nose view. The view from the windows should be cool:

On the starboard side in the forward part of the cabin is a navigator, where the control system repeaters: autopilot and gas. Must be comfortable in bad weather:

The layout of the yacht that was at the exhibition is four cabins. The big bow, apparently, is the owner's:

... and two cabins on board. Reminds us of the usual aft because they're almost under the saloon:

Only the crib will be more comfortable than we're used to in the stern. There's another cabin aft, to starboard. And also comfortable, in front of my eye:

Of course, there are all the modern conveniences such as a separate shower in the latrines. Perhaps the drawbacks I would consider to be the frankly narrow doors to the cabins and the narrow aisles in the cabin compartment. It wouldn't be easy for two people to split up in them:

The yacht's desiccant is an option, but the large freezer is standard:

Motor compartment - under the pajols in the salon. And it's so big that you can get in there all by yourself, really, bent down hard. The representative of the shipyard assured that somehow the issue of noise insulation was solved in a new way, and the engine was hardly audible:

The deck has a high bulwark and a railing, i.e. a rigid fence. And the handrails are located so that it is safe to move on the floodplains:

What else... The standard weapon is a tender, which means an active internal staff. On board a countless number of lockers, lockers and other schemes for all sorts of supplies. On the starboard side so, in general, a healthy space, which includes, for example, folding bikes in the necessary amount.

In a word, Moody DS is exactly now a family boat and for a family not small. I can't judge about sailing qualities, for which the previous models were famous, to go to sea on it. But it's supposed to be a good one, too...

Andrei Sharkov,

president of the Russian Cruiser Club. Author's blog on Livejournal

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