Leave in English. A classic James Bond chase.

Leave in English. A classic James Bond chase.

On what boats did a British spy leave his enemies and chase villains?
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The editors of itBoat recall the brightest boat pursuit scenes from James Bond movies.

«From Russia with Love» (1963)

What's going on?

Young Sean Connery, charming Italian Daniela Bianchi, four barrels of fuel, which, as it is supposed by the laws of the genre, torn and solve the outcome of the remake. It's predictable, but that's not what's important in Agent 007 movies.

What kind of boat

The whole scene is the showroom of the English Fairey Marine shipyard. Bond takes off on a white Huntress model, pursuers catch up with Fairey Huntsman 28s and Fairey Huntress. The range of these wooden hull speedboats was designed by Alan Bernard in the 60s. They were very popular in their day. Prince Albert and the actress... Deborah Kerr.

Fairey Marine boats were known for their stability and speed.

«Live and Let Death» (1973)

What's going on?

Ten years in bondiana timekeeping, and we have another decent 26-second chase. Quick, but dashing. Bond escaped from the pursuers by bouncing the 35-metre-high Glastron 150. There's nothing to stretch out here.

What a boat.

With this scene, Glastron has entered the history of cinema forever and has a pool of new fans. I want to believe that the PR people at the shipyard were given an award when the film was released. But before the long-awaited fame came, «glastronians» had to sweat.

The shipyard put 26 boats on the set, of which only 9 were Glastron 150. According to the contract, two boats were supposed to be new and meet the requirements both in terms of design and performance.

So, the engineers moved the steering wheel and seat downtown to balance the weight.

All the other boats went down. The shooting was preceded by 100 rehearsal jumps, and they «lived happily» ever after to the test boats. At some point, when the number of unsuccessful test boats began to go off the charts, the film crew turned to the research university for help. Their mathematical calculations were accurate, and the scene was shot the first time.

Jumping through two cars and a surprised sheriff.

«Lunar Rider» (1979)

What's going on?

In the eleventh film, the main character's bondiana throws on the Amazon. Finale with flight seems to be played and even ridiculous, but we remember that this is the 79th year, over the past thirty years, the concept «of coolness» has changed greatly.

What a boat...

Again Glastron, but this time the Carlson CV 23 model with hardtop and sliding roof (so Bond could leave the boat on a hang glider). It is a 1978 model - it came in a limited edition of 300 copies. The director chose a boat in silver for the film.

According to legend, there were three such boats, all of them were created exclusively for Bond by the shipyard, but only one survived the shooting.

Her colleagues in the workshop couldn't stand the gunfire.

Bond and «Glastron» fans had to repaint their boats. The shipyard only allowed blue and bronze boats...

«And there's not much» of a world (1999)

What's going on?

Pierce Brosnan's second appearance as Agent 007. In this scene, a British spy chases a Thames killer, ramming everything in his path.

What a boat.

This time we were impressed by the villain's yacht, the Sunseeker Superhawk 34. The British shipyard Sunseeker has an equally interesting (and in some moments even more) history with Bond than Glastron.

Fast, graceful, sometimes even seems to be able to sail the boat by itself.

Bond, in turn, drives a small anti-shock boat Q-Boat. Let's see.

Bond's longest chase

«Quantum of Mercy» (2008)

What's going on?

Bond plays Daniel Craig, it was his second time in a bondiana, the actor's debut came to «Casino Royale». It's the first time a spy's been chasing a boat he's accidentally gotten. The rest is always a girl, a gun, a fight. And a boat.

What kind of boat

In his time, Mr. Craig

caused a lot of criticism by playing Bond. He said he didn't come out as a type. Despite all the criticism, he's been doing well for three episodes of bonding.

For incompetence, you can chew and the boat, on which he was chasing in «Quanta of Mercy».

But we won't. It looks like an old wooden fishing boat, but the drive and the speakers in it are at least a little too much. Let's open up a little secret, there was a stuntman driver hidden in her nose


There's gonna be a sea sickness joke at the end.

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