7 sexiest boats

7 sexiest boats

Yacht pickup alphabet: a collection of boats to help seduce anyone.
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«You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a boat and try to swim closer»to it, - says a well-known saying. And if it's happiness - beautiful, long and impregnable, then you have to choose the boat with great care. In this review we offer seven perfect boats for a romantic stroll.

Frauscher 650 Alassio. Charming intellectual

All-electric. Frauscher 650 Alassio - ...a quiet intellectual, inclined to a leisurely philosophical conversation about the meaning of life. The 4.3 kW base engines will accelerate it to a maximum of 12 km/h.

At the same time, the 650 Alassio is an intellectual, not without the unobtrusive charm shown in the details: the body is resinous by hand, the teak on the nose and the bathing platform is cut down in conservation forestry, all the levers and spinners are cast in stainless steel, and under the seats are hiding spacious cold rooms. A bimini is stretched over the control station, which can also be turned onto the sun deck if desired.

In general, the Austrian has enough trumps to win the heart of a beautiful woman, confident that the sexiest thing in a man - his mind.

Not everyone likes pumped athletes (read - speedbots). Take your scuba masks for a walk and show the beauty companion of the underwater world that you have carefully preserved for her by choosing an electric boat.

Windy SR 26. Practical host

The credo of the next gentleman on our list is practicality that doesn't go into stinginess. The quality that girls looking for a serious relationship will definitely appreciate. Tender Windy SR 26 is equipped as standard with many useful things that other boats of his class lack: a stylish mooring duck from Nomen, an electric anchor winch with a chain of stainless steel, shower, underwater LED lights at the transom.

Thanks to the adjustable control post, the designers were able to place the tender even in a small garage 1.5 meters high, without reducing the depth of the V-shaped hull with monocohedron bezels. As a result, the boat can carry a superyacht owner's guests in any weather without the risk of spoiling anyone's suit, even at a very decent speed of 44 knots, thanks to the 260 hp Yanmar engine. The interior of the Windy SR 26 is designed to accommodate a dozen people.

For all its merits, the tender also looks stylish.

This boat will convincingly prove to all the ladies present that its owner is a wonderful master, from whom everything is seized.

Chris-Craft 21 Capri. A true gentleman.

Alain Delon from the world of compact motors, Chris-Craft 21 Capri is created for those ladies who are looking for a prince on white ... vinyl: impeccable, determined and courageous, as the characters of the famous French actor. Its classic appearance has not become obsolete for over 70 years, going back to the legendary 19-foot Chris-Craft Barrel Back of the forties.

The deep V hull, painted in graphite metallic, turns into an almost vertical stem. The noble colour shades the sparkling whiteness of the vinyl of the seats and the bathing platform. The deck is finished with teak. In the bow of the boat, the alternation of light and dark wooden laths creates an intricate pattern that can bring an impressionable young lady to a state close to hypnotic.

Like a real gentleman, Chris-Chraft 21 Capri is infallible in detail.

At the bow and stern there are retractable ducks made of stainless steel, spacious fuel and water tanks hide under the deck, navigation lights and a holder for the triangular flag-impel look great on the signature steel sheet of the bow cladding. The engine compartment of the Capri 21 is located under the teak hatch in the centre of the sun bed, so checking the liquid level or changing the filter is no problem. Difficulties can only arise when you select the engine itself - it's too rich: Volvo Penta or Mercury Marine, gasoline or diesel, nine variations. However, it won't matter to your companion at all...

Riva Iseo. Stylish geek

Fans «of geek-chic» will not resist this beauty, because he put on high technology in a seductive form of classic mahogany rubot, covered with twenty (!) layers of varnish - ten times with a brush and ten times with a sprayer.

I'm guessing even the ladies put on less makeup. The 27-foot boat from Riva was named after a picturesque lake in the foothills of the Alps - Iseo. Its hybrid version has a Zero Emission mode, which reduces emissions to zero, and with a clear conscience cuts through the waters of Iseo, as well as many other lakes where there are limits on emissions.

«Brains» Riva Iseo allow the owner to control the entertainment system and other on-board functions from the Apple iPad. The boat's music system syncs with iTunes and stream playlists over the air using AirPlay technology, while GPS maps are optimized for Retina display.

Invite the girl to try this system. She will not give up the opportunity to control your boat, even if it is only a matter of choosing the soundtrack for your romantic evening.

Nimbus 250 R. Reliable family man

«My home is my fortress»," says an exemplary family man... Nimbus 250 R. «It's like a stone wall»behind it," she'll think when she gets on that boat and holds on to her high coaching and reeling while you accelerate to a maximum of 43 knots.

The Nimbus 250 R has a 7.39 metre galley with refrigerator, a cabin for two and a bathroom. The large rear sofa has access to the bathing platform, while the floor hides a spacious wakeboard storage area. A water ski hook is also available, so guests of this floating house will not be bored.
It's a boat that's easy to get lost for a week after taking a short walk.

So take a holiday and equip yourself with enough fuel, water and food. What if the date grows into something more?

Hydrolift C-27. Gentle athlete

So we got to the pumped athletes. The muscular Hydrolift C-27 CAB with a top 725 hp engine can fly at a speed of 70 km/h. If you fold the servo-driven roof, the speed effect will be stunning.

Despite its masculinity, the Hydrolift C-27 treats passengers with tenderness and care. Its «deep V-type» hull is designed to provide safety in addition to speed and low fuel consumption, while its folding roof is three-layer and provides excellent protection from both the scorching sun and rain.

Inside, the outwardly aggressive guy hides a big soft «heart»: a cabin with a huge sofa that can accommodate four people and an elegant diamond-shaped roof window.

Gems are known to be best friends of girls. Believe me, a boat like that wouldn't yield to them.

Fearless 28. Fearless knight

A knight without fear or reproach, Fearless 28 will not be afraid to tell her what you secretly dream of. On our list, this is the brainchild of Porsche designers - the most pumped out of all the athletes. The previous speedboat in front of it is a baby, because this monster has an engine of 525 horses, converted by Mercury from the Dodge Viper engine: «Maximalka» - 129 km/h, acceleration from a place to 53 km/h in 10 seconds.

Fearless 28 seems to have come off the screen of a James Bond movie: a sharp nose, rushing silhouette, oval exhaust pipes reminiscent of the famous Porsche 911.

Cutting the waves at crazy speed relies on the loud music from the hi-end stereo system. For those who like to listen to the sounds of the ocean, additional sound insulation is optionally available to reduce engine noise. Bold girls will love it. And shy for what?

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