Best video clips of September

Best video clips of September

Backyard 98 level, sailing dog and yachtsman artist in September review of the best yachting videos
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ItBoat continues to publish the best yacht videos of the month.

Yachting is an art in the truest sense of the word. Yachtsman Lasse Klotzing proved it in three days. It took so long for a wheelchair-ridden skipper to «draw the» Mona Lisa on the Baltic Sea waves by successively navigating the catamaran GC-32 through 271 GPS coordinates. The inspiring story of Lasse Klotzing is in this video viewer of the project

Another inspiring September video is from Swiss yachtsman Ivan Buagnon, who set sail almost a year ago around the world on a beach catamaran. The voyager mounted a video report of his adventures off the coast of Indonesia, where his ship hit the reefs. The wreck did not stop Buagnon: the daredevil intends to repair the catamaran and finish what he started.

Meanwhile, in Russia it is not people but animals that inspire the exploits. Just look at how wonderful this dog from yacht «club Pirogovo» knows how to moor, set the sail, keep the course and even perform trapeze!

The next video is also Russian-made, and it says that everything can be overcome for the sake of your favorite cause, including the fear of heights. Cadet of the Marine Engineering Department of the Murmansk Technological University Roman Saitov filmed the process of climbing the 58-meter mast of «Sedov»sailboat. Careful, watching this video makes you dizzy.

Neighboring Ukraine has its own yachting heroes. Video from the second stage of the Kiev Yacht Club Cup proves it. It was published at the beginning of July, but the real popularity gained only in September. Appreciate the dedication of Ivan Levin's tanker - his favorite cap was washed away in the heat of struggle. In comments to the video on YouTube, the hero says that the headgear was later caught, so it ended well.

Our review would be incomplete without a spoonful of tar in this barrel of honey. His two «fairy-tale»videos will complete it. The first clearly shows why it's a bad idea to propose a hand and heart on a yacht. Unless, of course, the groom is a professional diver.

The last video from our selection captures the moment «when the Dongfeng Race Team lost» sails during the zero stage of the Volvo Sailing Series. The Chinese were leading the competition when the folded sail just slipped out of their hands and fell into the water. As a consolation, the results of the «Leg zero» race are not in the overall standings.

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