My home is my harbor.

My home is my harbor.

How to find a second home in the ideal port of residence and at the same time profitable to invest.
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Not so long ago itBoat wrote about Christophe Harbor - the only marina in the Caribbean Sea, which allows not only to rent a berth, but also to formalize its ownership. There are only two or three marinas in the world with this option. This is due to the difficulties of legal registration of such transactions: legally it is impossible to sell part of the sea, but since the marina is built from the shore and on a specific plot, you can sell the land under the pier.

The man who bought the berth at Christophe Harbour under construction may not have to worry about its contents: the management company will take care of it. If necessary, they will also help rent out the pier for a time when the owner does not need it for his own mooring.

A pleasant addition to the purchase can be a passport of the state of St. Kitts and Nevis with fish on the cover.

What - apart from the cute design - this document is so attractive - we told in the past material. Briefly recall: citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis - a visa-free entry to 126 countries and a residence permit in one of the most popular offshore zones.

Buying the berth will cost from $1,870 million. You can go another way and buy a classic property in Christophe Harbor - a plot of land for development, a villa or a share in it, which also guarantees obtaining citizenship. Buying 151 m ² turnkey» villa «50 meters from the beach in Sandy Bank Bay will cost $ 865 thousand - $1.275 million, building land in the same bay - from $ 800 thousand. tenth of the club residence Windswept Residence Club area from 366 m² to 421 m² will cost from $450 thousand with the total value of the house from $3 million. If you rent it out, the investment will pay off in 10 years. There is an interesting opportunity to buy a coastal area located along the perimeter of the marina for superyachts, where you can build a house above water with a private dock for a boat up to 15 meters long. Such a plot will cost from $1 million.

Of course, real estate in St. Kitts and Nevis is sold not only in Christophe Harbor. The island state is very active in building houses «in exchange for citizenship». For $ 600 thousand, you can, for example, buy a small house on the islands - not a complete housing, and in fact, a hotel room with one bedroom and facilities on the street. Since the house is part of the hotel, the owner will be able to live there no more than a month in a year. The rest of the time the hotel will place in his house guests, in exchange for sharing income. As blogger Ilya Varlamov writes, such real estate is especially to the taste of the Chinese.

The main question for all real estate projects that are related to investment programs is their real value, which can be overstated.

A project that you have decided to invest in may look good on paper and not live up to expectations after construction. In addition, in five years (mandatory tenure for citizenship) it can be a great loss in price - after all, many who bought the property just for a passport with fish, will start selling it.
From the unpleasant surprises of buyers of real estate in Christophe Harbor protects the loud name of her developer.

Buddy Darby has made a name for himself on the market with several similar projects in the US and Europe. For example, the golf resort he built in Ireland was so highly regarded for its quality and prospects that it was eventually bought by Donald Trump.

The obvious advantages of Christophe Harbor are that it has a clear concept and a plan for the development of the area's infrastructure. They are not just selling houses and plots of land, but houses and plots of land in the largest marina of the Eastern Caribbean, where there is a whole lacchari village with shops, parking lots, spa, tennis court, restaurant, beach club and other benefits of civilization.

Owners of real estate in addition to the cherished citizenship in the offshore get access to a protected, secluded corner of the world with its own concierge service, which will take care of small household problems. When the marina is completed, the cost of housing there is guaranteed to increase, because Christophe Harbor promises to get to the top list of the main places for the rich and famous in the Caribbean.

In favor of this says the statistics of sales. Since 2008, Christophe Harbor managed to sell real estate worth about $100 million, and this despite the global financial crisis. The main buyers are residents of the USA, UK and Russia. Most of them are people over 55 years old with annual income exceeding $750,000.

By the way, Buddy Darby recently mentioned that he would like to establish a regatta connected with the island of St. Kitts and Christoph Harbor.

What else is there to be happy about?

As a commercial.

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