Video Digest for March: Training the Vestibular Machine.

Video Digest for March: Training the Vestibular Machine.

Chinese fordewind and other dangerous things from the comfort of your home.
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Spring - the season is fickle: today the sun shines, tomorrow it snows. In the yachting industry in the first spring month, everything from scary to funny happened.

If you suffer from sea sickness, do not watch the following video. It's a footage from a search and rescue ship in distress in the troubled Indian Ocean.

For those who lacked the thrill of watching the previous video, we recommend watching the video shot by Mapfre team during the 4th stage of Volvo Ocean Race round-the-world regatta. They experienced what is called Chinese gybe, or Chinese forwardweind - an involuntary move of the upper part of the mainsail to the opposite side (while maintaining the original position of the lower part of the mainsail and the boom), which can lead to the breakage of the rigging, sails, boom, and even to the collapse of the ship on its side.

The Pacific Ocean was disgraced by the Volvo Ocean Race: in addition to Mapfre, Team SCA, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Dongfeng Race Team experienced the Chinese turn. The latter managed to get out of the involuntary forward without any damage, but the insidious Cape Horn took its place: 230 miles west of the southernmost point of the Tierra del Fuego, the Dongfeng Race Team boat lost its mast. This is the tragic moment captured by the crew's onboard reporter.

The next video is a Waterlust pellet for those who have been bored while watching roller coasters in the Indian Ocean and then in the Southern Ocean. According to the creators of the video, they accidentally discovered in the heath of friends forgotten GoPro Hero 1 with the recording of their adventures in the waters of Miami and the Bahamas. From the footage unexpectedly came out a very beautiful, dynamic two-minute video. And yes, the waters are azure, the sky is clear and the sunrises are quiet.

However, some people in the calm waters clearly lack adrenaline. The guys from the next video sucked a jet engine to a small boat and went for a ride, filming everything that happens from the shore and on Go Pro. It turned out to be dynamic.

Young people's tug-of-war pale before the services of a craftsman from the next video. In order not to splurge on the snowmobile, he put a flat-bottomed gas engine on blades welded from metal pipes and used a circular saw as a centrifugal clutch. The saw bursts into the ice and the structure goes. Please do not try it again!

The last video of our review shows how not to go to restaurants, even if you are brutally hungry after a boat trip. An internal camera at Sunset Grill in Ruskin, USA, recorded a motorboat crashing into a wall of a restaurant at full speed.

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