On a yacht around the world: 6 travelers' blogs worthy of attention

On a yacht around the world: 6 travelers' blogs worthy of attention

Six cool blogs of Russian travelers who went around the world on a yacht - no matter what.
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Around the world there are all sorts of people on a yacht - under sails or even with paddles - wealthy and not so wealthy, family and free, professionals and professionals in yachting. The editors of itBoat have collected several blogs, which are conducted by Russian travelers - a large family, not afraid of a long voyage with young children on board, a professional sailor who conceived a fun round the world, the family of a psychologist who tells about his existential upheavals on the high seas and the first religious activists who received the approval of the Russian Orthodox Church on their voyage.

International Family Travel Club

Launch date and place: January 2015, San Diego, USA.

Crew: The family from Irkutsk, headed by their father (ice sculptor) and mother (freelance translator) decided to popularize the tradition of family trips around the world. Two children - daughter Aigul and son Damir - travel together with their parents.

The purpose of the trip: To convince families with their own example that traveling around the world with children is real and can be extremely safe. As we know, this question has both like-minded people and opponents.

About the blog: Elena's mother runs a blog where you can follow the movement of heroes, see colorful photo reports and read where on the island of Manihi to eat the most delicious baguettes. The site has a section "Handbook", where the publications of heroes for convenience are broken down by themes: sights, traditions, cuisines of the world, etc., also there is information on a detailed route and your video channel. Everyone can contact Elena directly and, if there are any questions, first of all about travelling with children, ask them. It is also possible to join the crew at one of the round-the-world stages.

Itinerary: In 3-4 years the family is planning to go on a sailing yacht Lady Arisha round the world route, a total length of more than 40000 km. The route is divided into 10 stages and will run mainly through the southern hemisphere including Mexico, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hindustan, Africa, South America, Caribbean and others. If all goes according to plan, the finish is scheduled for December 2018.

Yacht «Gagarin»

Start date and place: June 2013, Tenerife Island, Canary Islands

Crew: The crew named their yacht after the first astronaut: «Yuri Gagarin was the first to go into space, and we are the first of the laymen who dared to go around the Earth twice on the yacht and show everyone that it is possible». They call themselves office plankton, which has no experience in yachting. The permanent member of the crew alone is the chief ideologist of the world, Maxim Cookie, who made all this mess. He had to do a lot to go on this voyage. The senior assistant on the yacht is Ekaterina Kuyanova. From time to time, «Gagarin» got hitched up by fellow travelers.

Purpose of the journey: The crew tries to circumnavigate the globe twice - once in a calm mode, the second time, having gained experience, in a more extreme mode (this primarily concerns the route). The goal «of the Gagarin»'s team is not just to walk around the «balloon», but to thoroughly explore each and every parking spot that you will see, walking along both tourist and unexplored trails. «We want to prove that traveling around the world and living in the whole world is not the fate of professionals and the rich, but what is available to everyone who has at least a simple desire to live» like this - so the official manifesto of the crew sounds. At the end of the trip the participants want to publish a book about the expedition.

About the blog: On the project's website the participants tell about their life in as much detail as possible: they regularly publish text, photo and video reports about how the voyage goes, as well as about the difficulties the crew has to face while travelling on the water. On the YouTube channel of the project you can watch short videos about sightseeing. Also, in addition to the main site, the crew reports all their adventures in social networks «VKontakte» and Facebook.

Itinerary: During her voyage, «Gagarin» managed to visit such places as Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Maarten, St. Bart, as well as sailing along the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting Jamaica and Cuba, sailing along Central America and the Panama Canal. In June 2015, the team decided to take a time-out and place the yacht in a dry dock in Panama until February 2016. During the break, the team is going to rest and improve their health, as well as disassemble and upload to the site fresh photos and videos, so that it still makes sense to keep an eye on the blog.

Together under sail.

Start date and place: March 2002, Ciutadella, Menorca.

Crew: A young couple in 2001 decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and move to live on a yacht. Since then the fifteen-meter catamaran «Zangezi» has become the second home and the main place for the family where their daughter Sofia's childhood began. In nine years of uninterrupted voyages mother, father and daughter have travelled over 35,000 nautical miles, travelled to many countries and experienced various adventures.

Purpose of the voyage: The main purpose of the heroes is the desire to tell about their experiences, feelings, to introduce readers to interesting places and people. The family is ready to provide feedback and answer any questions, as well as give useful advice. This will be especially interesting for those who plan to repeat such an experience.

About the blog: The main blog presents a site with an archive of materials, which begins in November 2014. The blog is divided into sections: from household tricks, such as properly storing food on a yacht, and ending with tips from «Where to go in the tropical cyclone»season. In addition to the site, the family has a Facebook account, which posts materials (both their own and others') and photos on maritime topics, as well as communicating with their subscribers.

Itinerary: Since the yacht is the main house for the family, there is no information about plans with a detailed route on the site. What's more, it's not just a voyage with an end in mind, but a different level, in other words, a lifestyle.

Expedition «Annunciation»

Date and place of start: 2002, St. Petersburg, Russia

Crew: A family of four, consisting of the father of a psychologist, mother of an interpreter guide and two daughters. As reported on the site, both parents are people who are originally very far from the sea, yachts, ships and everything related to this subject: from navigation, electrical and electronics, repairs, etc. Project «Evangelism» is a round-the-world trip of an ordinary Russian family with two small children.

The purpose of the trip: The main task of the project participants is the desire to break the stereotypes associated with sailing around the world. For example, the fact that round-the-world voyages on a yacht are available only for wealthy people. The creators of the project want to demonstrate that the way of life around the world can be accessible to almost anyone and that the journey is not just entertainment, but a systematic way of harmonious personal development. After the completion of the round-the-world tour the family plans to organize lectures and trainings for future travelers.

About the blog: The blog contains materials on routes, countries, traditions, interesting people who meet on the way of heroes. In addition to the cognitive and informative part, on the site you can find posts with reflection and inner struggle of the crew members (not without reason the blog is conducted by a psychologist). The Live Journal is updated more actively on the site. The project also has a group «in Contacts».

Itinerary: During her voyage the family managed to visit such countries as Germany, England, Portugal, Barbados, the Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Ecuador, the Republic of Panama, Tahiti, the Cayman Islands and other places. At the moment the family is in Polynesia and plans to complete their trip by 2016.

Around the world for the unity of Christians

Start date and place: Not marked - the earliest entry on the site dates September 2007.

Crew: Captain Alexander Sukharev is not a newcomer to the marine business. He is licensed by Canaria de Vela Club and has an extensive marine practice - as a captain he has managed to sail 36,000 miles across the North, Irish, Caribbean and other seas. Assistant Captain Angelica Plahova is a former theatre director, artist and yachtsman with extensive experience. Angelica is also the first Russian to sail across the Atlantic from east to west and from west to east on a sailing yacht back in 2003.

Purpose of the trip: «The Around the World Expedition for the Unity of Christians» is the first ever project of a sailing Christian round the world with the approval of the Russian Orthodox Church. As stated on the website of the project: «In our notes we try to tell what we see, moving around the world that God has created, and thereby convey to each little sip of freedom. And if, after reading our notes, someone feels a little relief in the soul, then we have not wasted our work».

About the Blog: A blog is a travel notes, broken down by tags and years. In fact, it's a single, similar news feed. The posts are updated on average once a month, and the most popular ones are displayed on the right side of the page. The site also has a photo album, several videos and links to publications in the media and third-party resources.

Route: During the voyage the crew on the 11-meter sailing ship «Little Qwin» managed to visit such places as: the Pacific Ocean and its islands, Polynesia, South America, Panama, Atlantic, Bora-Bora and other places. When the crew plans to complete the voyage is not specified on the site.

Around the world on oars

Start date and place: Not yet determined.

Crew: Professional navigator and yacht captain Sergey Morozov, who repeatedly crossed the Atlantic Ocean with his daughter Alexandra.

Purpose of the voyage: The project aims to sail the three oceans on oars. Such attempts have been made before, but none have been successful. Russian explorer Evgeny Smurgis together with his son started a merry round-the-world trip in 1992 and as a result of the Biscay tragedy he could not complete it. Mick Beard walked more than half of his route, but stopped early, choosing his family instead of setting a record.

About the blog: Although the voyage has not yet begun, preparations for it are well underway. Future round-the-worlders already have a regularly updated page in the «Live Journal» with colorful pictures of sunsets and freshly caught fish.

Itinerary: The crew, consisting of the captain and his family, are currently sailing through the Pacific Ocean and the captain is also training for the upcoming trip. During the preparatory voyage the crew has already managed to visit Indonesia, pass the Pacific Ocean with parking lots in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu and other places. The planned route of the fun round-the-world trip is marked on the site, the trip is expected to start in the USA. As for the start date, as Sergey himself wrote in his blog, «the Fun Round the World is getting closer and closer!»

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