«Kettle charter»: 8 simple tips
Theory and practice

«Kettle charter»: 8 simple tips

You've never rented a boat? Come on in, we'll give you a hint.
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What first?

The first person you'll be in contact with is your charter broker. He or she will be assigned to you as soon as you call the yacht charter company. This person is your new best friend. Like a truffle dog, he will sniff out your best yacht, make arrangements with the owner and bring you together with other yachtsmen.

Be prepared to be interrogated with a passion: where, when and how much you are going to travel, what you are wondering if you are traveling with your family/ mistress/ stamp collection, etc.

Only after that he will offer you his options to decide together what you like more. Cool broker will bargain on your behalf to knock out the best offer and various bonuses like free delivery. And if you suddenly like a boat from a website or from another company's brochure, just let your broker know: they all use the same centralized boat database. Your broker will get what you liked.

What about the money?

Oh, right, money. That's a painful question. To break your pink dreams right away, chartering is not cheap. But it can be surprisingly affordable. Seriously! Take the Princess 67, a lovely 20 metre motor yacht that can take up to 6 people on a cruise that can be rented in Moscow. It costs around 2 million rubles a week. This is 333 thousand rubles per nose - comparable to the cost of a week in a 5-star hotel at the resort. Or here is an interesting sailing yacht «Nikolaev» with a deep-sea robot on board, offered for rent in Sochi. Its weekly cost is 1.050 million rubles. The cabins can accommodate five people, each will pay 210 thousand rubles.

We can already hear you screaming: «What about the fuel? And the crew salary?»

Crew expenses are included in the rental price. Your broker will charge you an additional 25% of the rental price to cover fuel and food expenses. The crew will purchase everything they need in advance. Your broker will ask you about this item in great detail, from the brand of your favourite tea to the geography of the wine list. At the end of your holiday, if there is anything left of your deposit, you will get something back. It's easier than a turnip. Very chic turnip.

What do you want me to wear?

Dressing up for a yacht like a social gala is completely unnecessary. Take it. And get a pedicure (yes, men, you too!). It's forbidden to be on a yacht wearing shoes.

Who's my crew?

The crew is tied to a certain boat, and regular customers often choose a boat just because they are delighted with the crew. The minimum number of people in the crew is three: a captain, a steward (coq in combination) and a deck sailor. The bigger the yacht, the more people are needed on board. Nannies, masseurs and others are invited on board for a fee. The crews are all very different. There are relaxed and friendly (Americans love them), there are silent, reserved and almost invisible (guests from the Middle East usually choose them). Your broker will make sure that the crew matches your personality, so if you want to be called «sir» and worshiped, no problem.

How do you behave?

Basically, as you wish. The crew has signed a confidentiality agreement, so what happens on the boat will not go beyond it. But still, be kind to the crew. When you have a party every day until morning, remember that your crew gets up at six to make you breakfast. Let them sleep.

How do you fight sea sickness?

Most modern yachts have stabilizers, both on cruise and anchor. That means the boat won't be winding. The danger of seasickness is minimized. But if you are still afraid, we suggest you read this article.

How much should I tip?

There is no fixed rate, but as a rule the tip is between 5 and 15% of the charter price and is divided among the crew members. Here's how it's done: you can put the money in an envelope and give it to the captain before boarding - he will divide it himself. You can divide the money yourself and give each crew member a tip before you leave the ship, finally you can entrust the case to a charter broker who will simply take the rest of the food and fuel and hand it over to the crew. If a crew member was particularly good, it makes sense to reward him for his diligence additionally.

Can I bring my children/ pets?

For children, a yacht is a perfectly safe place. Even for babies. Everything you need is locked to prevent you from falling off the board, there are special precautions.

But dogs on a yacht are treated with disapproval.

If your pet is small and behaves well, the broker may be able to give you permission to take him on board.

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