Putin's Yachts: What is the Russian president's sailing

Putin's Yachts: What is the Russian president's sailing

On which the Russian president plunges to the bottom and walks on water.
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While Dmitry Peskov was resting at Maltese Falcon, his boss was testing the mini-submarine U-Boat Worx. On it, namely on the C-explorer 3 model, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a dive to the bottom of the Black Sea near Sevastopol to see the galleon sunken there in the XI century.

Putin diveed only 83 meters: a real trifle both for the submarine, designed for depths up to 300 meters, and for its pilot: in 2009, the head of state visited the bottom of Lake Baikal at a depth of 2 thousand meters on board the Russian deep water apparatus «Mir».

«This is not your first dive. What are you looking for at the bottom?» - journalists asked Putin after a tour of the depths of the Black Sea.

This time, the president, who does not suffer from a lack of sense of humor, did not find anything to joke about, and gave a short lecture on the importance of historical research. Right, so where now to look for the roots of Russian statehood, as not in the newly found Crimea?

«The roots» were covered with a 40-centimeter layer of mud, but the head of state still managed to find his favorite: a huge number of amphorae in which, according to the president, wine or oil was transported. Valentina Matviyenko asked Putin by radio to get at least one, and Dmitry Medvedev said he wouldn't mind even drinking from it «if there was anything else left» (of course, it was about wine). This time, the president was strict: «let the specialists do the finding!»

Vladimir Putin already has experience in «mining» ancient amphorae: in 2011, he dived scuba diving in the Azov Sea and dived out, holding a couple of vessels, which have been waiting for him there since the VI century. By the way, scuba diving was the second time in his life. The first one was the night before diving.

However, this does not prevent Vladimir Putin from being an «honorary submariner»: during his visit to the nuclear submarine carrier of «Karelia» he drank out of the water and got the appropriate «crust».

The Russian president has not only repeatedly explored underwater life. As it was written in Putin's report«. The results of the» opposition Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk, the Russian president has at his disposal an impressive fleet of yachts. The information about the yachts attributed to the presidential administration is not subject to disclosure by law, but time and again it appears in the media. In 2011, Turkish newspapers reported that the Presidential Administration bought a 53-meter yacht, «Sirius», built in 2009 at the local shipyard Proteksan-Turquoise. This information was officially confirmed by the shipyard itself.

«Sirius was being» purchased for Dmitry Medvedev: he needed a vessel on which he was not ashamed to meet guests of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The president's old board, converted from a warship, had worked out its resource in half a century.

This luxury Explorer, bought in the secondary market for the amount of 4 to 6.7 million (according to journalists of «Novaya Gazeta»), develops a cruise speed of 14 knots and is able to take on board up to 12 guests, which will be located in 6 spacious cabins. There is a gym and an outdoor pool on board. Later«, Sirius was» renamed «Chaika».

The second yacht attributed to the President is a $50 million 57-meter Olympia built in 2002 at the Feadship shipyard. The cruising speed «of Olympia» is 16 knots and the range is 4,700 miles. It can comfortably accommodate 10 guests and 16 crew members.

The interiors of «Olympia» are finished in mahogany and palm rattan with gilding.

No one has officially confirmed that this yacht is presidential. There are the words of some «source in the Kremlin», with whom «Novaya Gazeta»talked, and indirect evidence: the yacht was first noticed in Tuapse under the protection of the FSO, and then in Sochi, where, according to eyewitnesses, the yacht passed the commission Gospriemka.

The president is also credited with the $3 million «Burevestnik» motorboat built at the «Northern Shipyard» for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, but the 27.4-meter-long boat with a speed of up to 22 knots is officially on the balance sheet of the Leningrad Naval Base. It was on this boat that Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov, commander of the troops of the Western Military District (ZVO), hosted the naval parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory.

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