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Sail from diaper

The only sailing courses in Russia for kids aged 4-5 launched in St. Petersburg
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A couple of years ago Taisia Borodina, the director of the Sailing Academy of St. Petersburg Yacht Club, saw in Spain how one of the parents taught his 4-year-old child on a homemade small boat. She was amazed that the child was able to successfully go out on the water and cope with the management.

«We have purchased a yacht "Kid" from a domestic manufacturer and developed a program that is not aimed at creating champions, but at harmonious, comprehensive development of the child. This is a comprehensive development of the baby with elements of sailing - says Borodina».

In September, the Early Development «Group Kid» will have its first graduates: the experimental group, which has been working for two years, will move to the yachts «Optimist» and continue their studies at the Academy at a new level. Academy lecturers expect «Baby»'s graduates to perform better than their peers who have just come to the Academy.

The program of the project «Kid is» designed for three years and includes general physical training, training in the pool, a set of hardening exercises, dancing and - cherry on the cake - early development classes, during which children draw, play and watch educational cartoons, as in any good baby club.

Only in contrast to the usual commercial baby club training in early development «group Kid is» free. It's free at all.

The Academy provides all the necessary equipment and materials, the main thing that is required from a parent is to bring the child to training in time.

Although in an interview for itboat Taisia Borodina several times emphasized that the main goal of the project «Kid» is comprehensive development, not raising champions, the kids here play serious things. In winter the kids train on the Sailing Maker simulator, the only sailing simulator in Russia for lessons on shore.

In summer - in the pool on a reduced copy «of Optimist», dinghyboat «Baby» 1.58 meters long with a shortened rudder. Designer «of the Kid» Ivan Polyakov believes that it is possible to start putting children from the age of one and a half into such a boat, using it at home as an introductory simulator, and to go out on the water on it - from the age of two.

The selection for the early development «group Kid is» also serious.

Anyone can apply here, but the competition is more than ten people per place, so only the most promising will be selected. «Entrance exams» include psychological tests, water testing, general physical training. The academy is looking for children with a high level of intelligence, good coordination, a sense of balance and in good physical shape.

Many mothers now probably thought it was about their child. Well, the next selection for «Baby» is in September. You can get acquainted with the teachers and coaches of the Academy and the environment in which children will study at the Open Day, which will be held in the central building of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg this Sunday, May 28. At the event, all wishing children will be able to practice on the sailing simulator Sailing maker.

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