Happy thirteen. Top marine superstitions.

Happy thirteen. Top marine superstitions.

Never do these thirteen things if you want to dock safely on the beach.

Halloween, October 31. While you are wearing your worst costume (a sailor's costume before closing navigation; a captain's costume, whose guests brought red wine on board; a skipper's costume, whose sailors are confused about «poisoning» and«choosing),»we remind you of the thirteen things on board that - according to a well-established tradition - promise the right doom.

Do not rename the boat.

When you give your boat a name, you determine its future fate. Remember Captain Wrongel's famous expression - what«you call a boat, that's how it will sail? When you rename a boat, you literally and figuratively break what is destined for it. One only has to wonder how the boat in the photo below is still afloat. Although... with this list of crossed out female names, her owner's fate must have been broken in several places.

Do not bring bananas aboard

You shouldn't bring bananas on board, they're a failure. First, bananas are the owners of a slippery peel, whose cunning is glorified in many tragicomedies. And secondly, bananas spoil very quickly and emit toxic gases (it's not me, it's all bananas!), which, in turn, attracts insects. Agree, not the most pleasant thing - to swing the scrotum when there are more important things to do.

Don't paint the yacht green.

You shouldn't paint the boat green, or even keep green things on board. Green is the color of the earth, and it just attracts you to be broke! However, the owner of the 62m Feadship Sea Owl is clearly not aware of this, otherwise he would not have painted his yacht in the colour of exquisite French green oysters Fin de Claire Werth.

Don't take the ladies on board.

The woman on the yacht is in trouble. As you understand, the yacht is female. And she'll be jealous of the crew members for the woman on board. Anyway, take the ugly ones or the married ones. Then maybe she'll take a ride. Just do not tell about it to the International Sailing Federation - they are fighting for mixed crews and in general for the promotion of yachting among women.

Don't go on a cruise on Friday.

To start sailing on Friday, the day Jesus was crucified two thousand years ago? How can you do that! It's bad luck! Saturday Shabbat, Sunday Captain's day off, Monday is a hard day. Tuesday I can't, and Wednesday is a little Friday, so again it's bad luck. Thursday is the lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Should we postpone it for next year?

Don't whistle on board.

You can't whistle on board - you can bring a storm and a storm, because whistling is essentially an imitation of wind. But if there's an exhausting calm at sea... then maybe it's not a sin to whistle. Avos will blow.

Don't throw an eggshell overboard.

Legend has it that witches can jump on an egg-shell thrown overboard and, like on a boat, get to the boat from which they've fought. If you're eating eggs like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in the famous Golden Globe, crush the eggshells into small pieces before throwing them away. But it's better to actually bag and dispose of the garbage on the beach. Otherwise, as long as you don't have to pay the«witch at» GIMS a decent fine.

Beware of the redheads.

If you meet a redhead before you set sail, you are cursed. The only way to stop the curse is to talk to a redheaded stranger first. That's why Jimmy Spithill always wears a hat.

Careful with the salt.

If there's something falling out of your hands all the time, especially if it's salt, you'd better not come aboard. The fact is, the scattered salt on board is unfortunate. In the old days, salt was quite an expensive product that not everyone could afford. Not surprisingly, having sprinkled the expensive product, there were no quarrels. A lot of people still believe in it to this day.

Don't count the catch.

Usually after fishing men compete in the amount of fish caught. But not on board! Superstition says that counting the fish caught while on board means no more catch.

Do not take a priest aboard.

The priests wear black, it reminds sailors of the dark depths of the sea and the funeral. There is a belief that priests on board bring misfortune. Superstition does not prevent the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, from regularly using such a vehicle as a yacht - in the photo he comes off the 22-meter Marquis 690.

Be afraid of the rats running off the board.

All the sailors believe in the perception of rats leaving the ship. But why? It is known that rats do not tolerate moisture, so if rodents run, it means that the ship leaks.

Do not disregard the signs

The owners of the «Titanic forgot»to break a bottle of champagne on board before the first flight, and we all know how it ended. The tradition of sprinkling the new hull with alcohol is a long time ago, only in the past red wine was used, not champagne, as a symbol of sacrificial blood.In ancient times, the ship was considered a living creature and even a deity that required sacrifice (almost like beauty). superstitioned sailors still believe that a ship «that did not recognize the taste of wine will recognize the taste of blood .

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