On a yacht at the locations of the shooting «of the Game of Thrones.»

On a yacht at the locations of the shooting «of the Game of Thrones.»

Where the shooting of the epic telesaga took place: 11 spectacular locations that can be reached by boat
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The final season of the acclaimed «Game of Thrones» series was over with the final episode on the night of Sunday to Monday. The screen adaptation became one of the most popular TV projects and gathered an army of fans. And although it is unlikely that any of the fans will want to actually be in the universe of George Martin - too likely to die before time - there is a safe way to dive into the world of beloved television show.

For realistic and fascinating shots, the crew of the telesaga visited the most beautiful parts of the world from the secluded islands of Malta to the snow-covered hills of Iceland. ItBoat offers a selection of eleven picturesque Game «of Thrones locations that»can be reached by boat.

Fictional location: Braavos

Real place: Girona, Spain.

Filming Braavos, the most powerful of the nine free cities, was held in Girona. Here was filmed most of the episodes with the restless Arya Stark. Girona is called Barcelona's little sister. Its narrow streets are perfectly preserved from medieval times, which attracted the creators of the series.

In addition, the impressive ninety steps of Girona's Cathedral served as the stairs of Baylor's Great Septa in King's Landing.

Getting there: The Spanish coast is rich in comfortable marinas. One of the closest to the city is Marina Palamos, designed for boats up to 30 metres.

Fictional Location: King's Harbour (Season 1)

The capital of Westeros, a fortress city on the oceanfront where the royal family lives in the Red Castle, home to the iconic Iron Throne.

Real place: Mdina, Malta

Thanks to Mdina, who appeared on TV screens in the first season, the creators of the series managed to convey the greatness of one of the key locations - King's Landing.

The former capital of Malta, also known as «Silent City», has a history of over 4000 years. There are many historical sites such as the «Roman Villa», catacombs and St. Paul's Cathedral.

In addition to museums and ancient temples, the city has several cosy places to relax: the Crystal Palace bakery is famous for its pastries and the Fontanella Tea Garden is famous for its homemade pastries and pies.

Getting there: In a large natural harbour in Valletta there is the Grand Harbor Yacht Marina, which can accommodate boats up to 135 meters. The marina is located in UNESCO World Heritage sites, so it is worth a week or two to explore Malta.

Fictional location: King's Harbour (2-8 seasons).

Actual location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The shooting of the capital of Westeros in the first season took place in Malta in Mdina, and subsequent parts were filmed in the Croatian Dubrovnik. At the same time, not only the beauty of the old city got into the lenses of the TV cameras: the creators of the series managed to work on the nearby island of Lokrum, which served as a film set for the city of Kvart.

Dubrovnik was founded in the seventh century. It is rich in interwoven narrow streets, as well as beautiful gardens, coffee shops, galleries and expensive boutiques. On the way to the city, it is worth visiting the main street of the city - Plaza or Stradun, as it is called. Here you can explore the local sights or spend an evening out for a cocktail. You can also enjoy a mug of beer or something stronger at one of the world-famous rock bars.

Getting there: The city has excellent mooring conditions, which makes it ideal for a holiday on a yacht. Boats up to 60 meters can be delivered in Adriatic Croatia International Club (ACI Dubrovnik). Facilities include shops, restaurants and bars, as well as a tennis court, pool and hairdresser's.

Fictional location: The Dragonstone

Real place: Northern Spain

The gemstone was shot in the first seven seasons in Iceland and Northern Ireland. In the last part, the landscapes of Spain's northeastern coastal towns, including Barrique, San Juan de Gastelugache and the port of Bermeo, were used for this purpose. The magnificent beach of Muriola in Barrique was the landing site of the Deieneris fleet.

Getting there: The yacht can be moored near the Maritime Museum in the heart of neighbouring Bilbao, famous for its modern art galleries, restaurants and architecture. You can also leave your boat at the port or marina of Bilbao, which is located ten kilometres from the centre. The location can be reached in an hour by car.

Fictional location: Kvart

A shopping city located on the southern coast of Essos, it is sometimes called the Bone G«arden.

Real place: Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered one of the gems of Croatia and famous for its Venetian-style architecture. In the series, it is presented as Kvart's commercial harbour.

Trogir has many outstanding historical sites, such as the 13th century St. Lawrence Cathedral. There are several beautiful restaurants to have dinner at, such as Capo «in the» old town or Konobo Trs. The latter is famous for its traditional wooden benches, old stone walls and a courtyard with growing grapes in the centre that creates a living canopy. Delicious seafood dishes are also served here.

It is worth visiting Split and the nearby Klis Fortress, as in many scenes they were used to decorate the fictional city of Meereen.

Getting there: There are several beautiful marinas in Croatia, the closest one is near the Trogir Bay on Drvenik Island.

Fictional Location: Land behind the Wall

Real place: Iceland

The Icelandic expanses were used to film the ice areas behind the Wall on the border of the Seven Kingdoms. Many scenes were shot on the Watnajöküdl Glacier in the centre of the island and in the Tingvellir National Park. In the second season, fans get acquainted with the local landscape - the Frozen Fang Mountains (in reality, Hefdabrekkuheidi). In the third chapter, the Griotagya Cave at Lake Mivatne, which was loved by Jon Snow and Igritt, is on view.

Getting there: The boat can be left in Reykjavik near the old harbour, where even the biggest superyachts can moor. In 2010 and 2015, the 126m Octopus came here.

To visit more northern areas, such as the Griotagya Caves, it is better to take a boat to Akureyri (the 119-meter motor yacht A was spotted here in May 2016).

Fictional location: Meereen

The largest of the three cities in the Gulf of Labor, where the Great Pyramid and a number of temples are located. Daenerys Targaryen conquers the colorful city and lives here while she makes her plans.

Real place: Peñíscola, Spain.

For the sixth season, the streets and gardens of Meierin were surveyed by the Peñíscola (Castellón), including the Gates of Philip II, the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza del Plaza. Santa Maria. The Castle of Peñískola was built by the Templars between 1294 and 1307 and the town itself is an excellent fortified seaport worth visiting anyway.

Getting there: It's impossible to imagine Spain without superyachts, but you can't get to the local marina in a big boat. You can anchor in the picturesque Marina of Peñíscola and reach the shore in a tender. Valencia is also a couple of hours away, with local berths capable of accommodating ships up to 120 metres.

Fictional location: Solar Spear, Dorn.

The Sun Spear is the capital of Dorn, one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, ruled by the House of Martell. The Red Mountains separate the kingdom from the rest of the continent, and from the north it borders on the sea.

Real place: The Seville Alcazar, Spain

The beautiful Alcazar of Seville was erected in the XIV century and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a popular tourist attraction with many high quality snack bars. Abantal has become one of Seville's two Michelin-starred restaurants. On the way to the Alcázar, you can stroll through Maria Luisa Park to Plaza España, which will leave no one indifferent.

How to get there: There are several marinas along the Guadalquivir River, but the closest to the Seville Alcazar is the Náutico Sevilla Club. Here you can moor a boat up to 36 metres long.

Fictional Location: Pike, Iron Islands

In books and telesage, Pike is part of a group of seven Iron Islands west of Westeros. This cold and barren land is managed by the House of Greyjoy.

Real place: Ballinto Harbour, Northern Ireland

Ballintoy's a typical Irish village. Despite the harsh climate, it is very cosy. There are several shops and restaurants in the village, as well as the famous suspension bridge. Curric-a-Red.
The harbour was presented in the series as a port on the Iron Islands. This is where Theon Greyjoy meets his sister Yara for the first time. Close by are the «Dark F»ences, the famous alley with 18th century beech trees, which served as decoration for the Royal Route.

Getting there: Superyachts are quite rare in these places, but sights such as the Giant Road a«nd the» Bushmills Distillery are definitely worth seeing. Big boats are moored at several locations in Belfast. But there is another option: anchor and head for Ballycastle Wharf. It can only accommodate boats up to 20 metres long, but is only a short drive from Ballinta Harbour and other attractions .

Fictional location: Dragonstone

The real place: Downhill Beach, Ireland.

It's hard to expect beautiful wide sandy beaches from Northern Ireland, but Downhill Beach is one of them. In addition to the 11 km of coastline that can be reached by car, the site is famous for the round Massanden Temple, which stands alone on a high rock. This is the building that came into the picture when Melisandra was burning the old gods on the beach.

Getting there: The beach is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so you can easily get close to the beach and anchor, and reach the location of the shooting at the tender. Another option is to leave the boat at the Port Rush Marina and get to Downhill Beach in half an hour by car.

Fictional Location: Winterfell

Real place: Dune Castle, Scotland

The gloomy ancestral castle of the Starks and the capital of the North, Winterfell, was filmed at Castle Dun. It's the only place chosen for filming in Scotland. It appears in the first episodes of the series when Iron Throne Master Robert Baratheon and his family came to the House of Starks with a proposal.

The fortress is located in the village of the same name. Here you can spend a pleasant time enjoying the tranquility and local colour. There are also a dozen other castles in the area worthy of attention.

How to get there: walk along the river River Fort you can't do it on a big boat - it's too winding and too small. That is why the boat will have to be left in one of the marinas at the North Sea exit, which is enough here, and then it will take about an hour to reach the castle by car. But don't get upset - the beauty of the Scottish countryside will make this trip really interesting.

According to Boatinternational.com, Blog.tubber.com.

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