The construction of the world's largest explorer will be delayed indefinitely.

The construction of the world's largest explorer will be delayed indefinitely.

The completion date for REV had to be shifted due to COVID-19.
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The Vard shipyard in Brattwage, Norway, where the final stage of construction of the 183-metre REV Explorer is underway, is experiencing difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. Disruption affects the entire REV schedule, including the scientific project competition and first expeditions. Previously, construction was expected to be completed in 2020.

«So far, we cannot say exactly when the ship will be ready. We are working with the shipyard to develop a new action plan. When it arrives, we will publish it on our website», ̶ says the REV team statement.

Nevertheless, the crew is still looking to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

The idea of building REV belongs to Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke. In 2016, he joined the Giving Pledge«», a philanthropic campaign launched by Bill Gates, his wife Melinda and Warren Buffett,whose goal is to encourage«the wealthiest people and their families to donate most of their wealth during life or after death to society's most pressing problems.Röckke decided to invest his money in a project that will help study and protect against pollution and ocean poaching.

REV was first launched at the end of August 2019. At that time, the vessel had to be ferried from Romania to Norway to continue construction.

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