What yacht are the heroes «of Dovod» Christopher Nolan resting on?

What yacht are the heroes «of Dovod» Christopher Nolan resting on?

Let's take a closer look at the star of the main film premiere of the year.
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After numerous transfers, Christopher Nolan «Dovod»'s new large-scale blockbuster finally made it to Russian film distribution on September 3rd. The picture can be safely added to the list of films that will help to brighten up the evening when there is no opportunity to relax on the water. At some point, the heroes are racing the world's fastest sports catamarans F50, capable of speeds up to a maximum of 50 knots and above, and one of the key locations is the yacht of the Russian oligarch Andrey Sator (character Kenneth Brana). The role of this boat is played by a 73.2m luxury steel Explorer with an aluminium superstructure Planet Nine, launched in 2018 at Admiral (Italian Sea Group) shipyard. In reality, it belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild.

The yacht is 575 boats built by the company. Above the exterior of Planet Nine was the British studio Tim Heywood Design. The British studio Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi also attracted British people to create elegant interiors in classic style.

The yacht has six decks in total. All of them are connected not only by stairs, but also by two elevators. One of them is for personnel only and connects the lowermost, technical deck and galley on the upper deck. The second elevator, on the other hand, is used only by guests to climb from the living quarters on the lower deck to the captain's bridge and from there to the sundeck.

Planet Nine can accommodate up to 14 guests (however, the charter can only accommodate 12 guests). There are 9 cabins for them on different levels. The crew of the yacht is 26 people.

Ownership of the boat is the entire main deck of 300 square meters. Here he and his closest people will find two spacious double bedrooms (fore and aft), a lounge for relaxation in privacy, an office and a library. Guests who live in 5 cabins on the lower deck have their own separate lounge.

All Planet Nine residents spend time together on the upper deck. This is where the common living room with panoramic glazing and the dining room are located.

Exactly below the living room on the main deck there is a 199-inch cinema with surround sound system.

This room is isolated from the owner's apartment and can only be accessed from the upper deck. There are two areas for outdoor relaxation on the main deck aft and forward.

Most of the bridge is not the wheelhouse. In addition to the captain's cabin there is a VIP cabin and a small isolated living room, which can also be turned into another living room if desired, which will even have its own bathroom. Together, the VIP cabin and the living room/bedroom occupy half of the superstructure. As on the upper deck, this level has sofas and sunbeds for sunbathing.

Guests can relax by the water, either in the Jacuzzi on the Sundeck, or at the beach club with spa and terrace, which is created by the folding starboard lower deck. To swim in the sea, the residents of the guest cabins on the lower deck only have to take a few steps - the beach club is not isolated from the bedrooms.

Planet Nine can be reached either by water or air, by helicopter.

The main deck holds the 9.72 metre Rupert Marine 32 (Limousine and Center Console) tenders. In the garage on the port side of the lower deck there is another 6-metre crew tender. A 5-metre lifeboat can also be found on the bow of the upper deck.

The helicopter platform on the upper deck aft is designed for an MD-600 N or AgustaWestland AW109 Grand helicopter (due to the heavy weight in Dovod the landing»scene «of the Russian MI-8 had to be simulated only).

The MD-600 N can take 7 passengers aboard and travel up to 357 nautical miles with them.

You don't have to look for an airport to refuel, because everything you need is on board Planet Nine. Fuel reserve on the yacht will be enough for almost 13 full tanks MD-600 N or 10 tanks Agusta Grand. For the helicopter pilot there is a cabin with a personal cabin.

The helicopter itself can be stored in the hangar below deck (and even in Dovod«), which actually means that there can be two helicopters on board at the same time.

Another important feature of Planet Nine is its ice class. She is not afraid of ice up to 15 cm thick, so she can go to Greenland or Antarctica on a yacht.

A pair of CAT 3516B engines with 2575 hp and a range of up to 6000 nautical miles allows you to plan the longest and most difficult trips. Walk from Sydney to the Caribbean through Argentina without refueling at an average speed of 14 knots? There's nothing simpler! Even a month's supply of fresh food on the technical deck freezer is enough.

The versatility of the Planet Nine reflects the list of sports equipment kept on board. It includes not only the usual water toys and diving equipment, but also snowboarding and alpine skiing.

For charter, it is available in the eastern Mediterranean in summer and in the Indian Ocean in winter.

The starting price for a week of rest is €650-725 thousand.

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