The best yachts of 2020 from 30 to 50 meters in length
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The best yachts of 2020 from 30 to 50 meters in length

Tell us about the World Yachts Trophies Short List superyachts.
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Despite the fact that the French authorities forbade the Cannes Yachting Festival, Europe's largest boat show on the water, at the last moment, the organizers did not interfere with the traditional awarding of the best of the best motor models for the World Yachts Trophies. We have already talked about the nominees of this award in the sizes from 13 to 20 meters, from 20 to 24 meters and from 24 to 30 meters. Now it's time for the finalists in the 30-50m category.

Better exterior design.

Mangusta 33 Gransport

This 33.3m boat, designed by Alberto Mancini, is considered an entry-level model. Its classic and laconic exterior is not only stylish, but also functional. The hull design, combined with four Volvo Penta D13 1000 IB engines, allows the boat to reach 26 knots. A lot, considering the size of the boat.

The exterior and interior spaces are well balanced with each other.

The 56 sqm flybridge can be either fully open or have an indoor seating area with panoramic glazing. Outside the resulting sky lounge, guests can spend time at the bar basking in a Jacuzzi or enjoy a whirlpool massage in the nose pool. On the main deck, the extendable aft platform can also be used as a water terrace.

With the exception of the cockpit, the rest of the living space on the yacht is dedicated to the interior. However, thanks to the large glazing area, guests everywhere will keep in touch with the sea.

Rossinavi Lel 50 m

This 49.7m yacht is the result of the first collaboration between an Italian shipyard and Luca Dini Design. Beneath the mask of a rather aggressive exterior hides not so much a sporting boat as a comfortable one, on which the owner rests with his family. However, the Lel still boasts a top speed of 23 knots.

During the development of the project, its creators faced a difficult task. The owner wanted a boat exactly 50 meters long and with a capacity of up to 500 register tons. In order for the yacht to meet these conditions, but the layout was not tight, it had to be stunning.

One of the tricks that made it possible to solve the problem was the decision to make the walls of the closed beach club on the stern latticework. Due to this formally the space was automatically considered «open and» the beach club was excluded from the calculation of capacity.

Approximately the same principle applies to the upper deck saloon. The wide sliding glass doors turn it into a large crystal veranda in which the boundary between the room and the outside world has been practically erased. In bad weather, the salon can be protected from rain and wind, while on a sunny day, on the contrary, it can be fully opened.

Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy (winner).

The design of this boat, developed by the Zucon Internetional Project, is inspired by the ideas of the Viennese modernist architect Adolf Loos, who promoted an extremely reasonable and rational approach to design and did not tolerate decoration«. The appearance of the 44 Alloy is elegant and balanced. The links between exterior and interior design are not only upholstery fabrics, but also a choice of finishing colours and common lines.

Better layout.

Benetti Oasis 40 m (winner)

This 40.8 meter yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and 9 crew members. Most cabins (4 for guests and 4 for crew) are on the lower deck. The owner's suite has a forward section of the main deck, while the captain has a separate cabin near the wheelhouse. The master stateroom is adjoined by a multifunctional room that can be used as a gym, yoga room or massage room. It can be accessed from a common hallway, so that all guests can use the room.

The main deck salon is probably the first thing that catches your eye when you look at Oasis plans. It's all about its unusual shape.

The living room area has been turned into a round island, separated from the cockpit by a curved glass wall with sliding doors. Sofas, carpet, chandelier - everything is in harmony with these curves.

Another outstanding feature of the layout is the spacious outdoor aft beach club with a glass wall pool. The area is further enhanced by folding boards.

CdM 42 m Crowbridge

Unlike its neighbors in the category, this 42-meter Explorer is the only boat of its kind to be custom designed. The owner wanted it to be comfortable, spacious enough to relax with his family, but with the same technical characteristics as commercial boats. The result is a yacht with a capacity of 400 register tons for 14 guests and 7 crew.

Horizon Fd 102 Skyline

The main feature of this 33 meter model is the walkaround layout on the upper deck. It allows guests to move freely around the perimeter of the yacht through comfortable aisles. The Skyline version of the Horizon Fd 102 is distinguished by its closed salon in the control room area.

Designer Cor D. Rover, who worked on the project, compares the resulting boat with the car Porshe Cayenne.

Perhaps to someone the appearance of the Fd 102 does not seem to be cascading, but, as the designer is sure, her, as well as an iconic car, will still be loved by owners. The yacht is ready to be charming with 30% more capacity (236 register tons) compared to analogues of the same size. The model concept allows to achieve maximum living space with minimum waterline. Ceilings in height more than two meters too, certainly, it is possible to refer to significant advantages Fd 102.

The layout of this Horizon can be significantly changed at the request of the owner. The original version provides accommodation for 10 guests and 3 crew members. Despite the relatively modest length of the boat (just over 30 meters is for you, not 50), the master suite is extended to the main deck. «Nobody wants to go down to the dungeon after a good dinner and a glass of wine!»

The best innovation

Benetti Diamond 145 (winner)

This 44-meter Benenetti is unique in two ways.

Firstly, it is the only model of this size on the market whose body is made of GRP.

Secondly, for its size, it has the largest sandwich. The area of the upper deck is over 100 square meters!

Maiora 30 WA Infinity

This is a modification of the 30.5-meter model Maiora 30 Walkaround, which in 2019 has already been awarded in Cannes with the special award Opening «of the Year. Apparently, the organizers of the award wanted to once again celebrate the merits of this boat.

One of the main features of both models is the improved concept of the single-level Walkaround flybridge.

To move between the fore and aft areas of the deck through the side aisles, guests do not need to go through the staircases. It is also noteworthy that this model, which is more than 30 meters long, is registered as a small vessel less than 24 meters long.

Unlike its predecessor Infinity, the stern ladder is 7.5 meters wide.

Majesty 120

This 37-meter model is proud of its open decks. Their total area is 30% larger than that of other yachts of similar size.

Another feature of the Majesty 120 is the almost total elimination of hydraulic drives on board. Wherever possible, they have been replaced by electric drives. This has several advantages at once: less noise, easier maintenance, lower probability of breakages.

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