Nauta Yachts

Nauta Yachts S.r.l.
Марио Педол, Основатель компании
Рождение яхты — это долгий путь, который мы проходим с клиентом рука об руку. Универсального понятия о том, какой должна быть идеальная яхта, не существует — у каждого свое мнение. Но она должна быть объектом красоты, который еще долго будет радовать глаз.
Марио Педол
Основатель компании

Designer Description Nauta Yachts

The history of the brand

Nauta Yachts was founded in 1985, when designers Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino decided to establish a shipyard to build boats on their own designs. Offering stylish semi-custom sailing yachts created with the most innovative designs, the company immediately won recognition. Since 1994 Nauta Yachts gave up production to fully concentrate on yacht design, brokerage and charter activities. This allowed the company to become one of the most successful design studios in the world of yachting.


In creating projects, the Nauta Yachts team seeks a balance between external elegance and ease of handling, style and performance, comfort and seaworthiness.

Speciality .

The studio is engaged in development of marine architecture, design of exteriors and interiors of various boats, from 20-meter sailing boats to huge motor megayachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

Despite its status, the company makes no distinction between partners, cooperating with small shipyards and major shipyards such as Lurssen, Benetti, Moonen, etc.

Landmark projects

Nauta Yachts has built its reputation by developing sailing vessels for Southern Wind Shipyard and Baltic Yachts, among others. However, the studio's most ambitious project was a motorboat, the 180m Azzam, which since 2013 has held the title of the longest superyacht in the world.

The team is .

Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino still run the company. Over the years they have worked together, they have formed a reliable team of more than 15 people, with whom they successfully work in an office in the heart of Milan.

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