Bernard Olesinski Ltd

Great Britain
Justin Olesinski, Naval Architect
The best yacht is simple. It must meet all customer requirements and stated characteristics.
Justin Olesinski
Naval Architect

Designer description Bernard Olesinski Ltd

The history of the brand

Bernard Olesinski founded the design studio in 1972. In the early stages the company focused on designing small pleasure boats and yachts, but eventually switched to superyachts. 15,000 boats were built according to Bernard Olesinski's drawings and the studio's designers won more than 40 awards.


It is the task of Bernard Olesinski's specialists to help the client navigate the modern world of design. In the process of communication the client's wishes, his ideas and lifestyle are clarified. All this is embodied in drawings, formulas, sketches and, eventually, in the finished yacht.

Specialization .

Bernard Olesinski is known for his early work on boat projects. But in the new millennium the studio abandoned small boats and switched to semi-custom and custom yachts from 20 meters, performing exterior design and naval architecture.

Cooperation with shipyards

In the early years, the Olesinski studio collaborated more with Fairline and Princess, having had a significant impact on their development. The last team is still working with them today. The portfolio also includes boats from Feadship and several projects from Azimut.

Landmark projects

In 2013, the Princess 40M was awarded the World Superyacht Award. The superyacht was the first model in the studio to be calculated using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology. Two years later, Feadship's Falcon Lair Refit (during the construction of the New Horizon L) was completed, completely redesigning the exterior of the yacht.

The team is .

Today the second generation of the family - the son of the company founder Justin Olesinski - has joined the management. Together with his father, he runs a large studio in Kaus, where a team of 18 people works.

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